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Big Data: 7th CCF Conference, BigData 2019, Wuhan, China, September 26–28, 2019, Proceedings 2019 book

Big Data: 7th CCF Conference, BigData 2019, Wuhan, China, September 26–28, 2019, Proceedings

Details Of The Book

Big Data: 7th CCF Conference, BigData 2019, Wuhan, China, September 26–28, 2019, Proceedings

edition: 1st ed. 2019 
Authors: , , , , ,   
serie: Communications in Computer and Information Science 1120 
ISBN : 9789811518980, 9789811518997 
publisher: Springer Singapore 
publish year: 2019 
pages: 440 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 39 MB 

price : $10.79 13 With 17% OFF

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You can Download Big Data: 7th CCF Conference, BigData 2019, Wuhan, China, September 26–28, 2019, Proceedings Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
A Constrained Self-adaptive Sparse Combination Representation Method for Abnormal Event Detection (Huiyu Mu, Ruizhi Sun, Li Li, Saihua Cai, Qianqian Zhang)....Pages 3-15
A Distributed Scheduling Framework of Service Based ETL Process (DongJu Yang, ChenYang Xu)....Pages 16-32
A Probabilistic Soft Logic Reasoning Model with Automatic Rule Learning (Jia Zhang, Hui Zhang, Bo Li, Chunming Yang, Xujian Zhao)....Pages 33-45
Inferring How Novice Students Learn to Code: Integrating Automated Program Repair with Cognitive Model (Yu Liang, Wenjun Wu, Lisha Wu, Meng Wang)....Pages 46-56
Predicting Friendship Using a Unified Probability Model (Zhijuan Kou, Hua Wang, Pingpeng Yuan, Hai Jin, Xia Xie)....Pages 57-72
Product Feature Extraction via Topic Model and Synonym Recognition Approach (Jun Feng, Wen Yang, Cheng Gong, Xiaodong Li, Rongrong Bo)....Pages 73-88
Vietnamese Noun Phrase Chunking Based on BiLSTM-CRF Model and Constraint Rules (Hua Lai, Chen Zhao, Zhengtao Yu, Shengxiang Gao, Yu Xu)....Pages 89-104
Front Matter ....Pages 105-105
A Distributed Big Data Discretization Algorithm Under Spark (Yeung Chan, Xia Jie Zhang, Jing Hua Zhu)....Pages 107-119
A Novel Distributed Duration-Aware LSTM for Large Scale Sequential Data Analysis (Dejiao Niu, Yawen Liu, Tao Cai, Xia Zheng, Tianquan Liu, Shijie Zhou)....Pages 120-134
Considering User Distribution and Cost Awareness to Optimize Server Deployment (Yanling Shao, Wenyong Dong)....Pages 135-147
Convolutional Neural Networks on EEG-Based Emotion Recognition (Chunbin Li, Xiao Sun, Yindong Dong, Fuji Ren)....Pages 148-158
Distributed Subgraph Matching Privacy Preserving Method for Dynamic Social Network (Xiao-Lin Zhang, Hao-chen Yuan, Zhuo-lin Li, Huan-xiang Zhang, Jian Li)....Pages 159-173
Front Matter ....Pages 175-175
Clustering-Anonymization-Based Differential Location Privacy Preserving Protocol in WSN (Ren-ji Huang, Qing Ye, Mo-Ci Li)....Pages 177-193
Distributed Graph Perturbation Algorithm on Social Networks with Reachability Preservation (Xiaolin Zhang, Jian Li, Xiaoyu He, Jiao Liu)....Pages 194-208
Minimum Spanning Tree Clustering Based on Density Filtering (Ke Wang, Xia Xie, Jiayu Sun, Wenzhi Cao)....Pages 209-223
Research of CouchDB Storage Plugin for Big Data Query Engine Apache Drill (Yulei Liao, Liang Tan)....Pages 224-239
Visual Saliency Based on Two-Dimensional Fractional Fourier Transform (Haibo Xu, Chengshun Jiang)....Pages 240-252
Front Matter ....Pages 253-253
An Information Sensitivity Inference Method for Big Data Aggregation Based on Granular Analysis (Lifeng Cao, Xin Lu, Zhensheng Gao, Zhanbing Zhu)....Pages 255-270
Attentional Transformer Networks for Target-Oriented Sentiment Classification (Jianing Tong, Wei Chen, Zhihua Wei)....Pages 271-284
Distributed Logistic Regression for Separated Massive Data (Peishen Shi, Puyu Wang, Hai Zhang)....Pages 285-296
Similarity Evaluation on Labeled Graphs via Hierarchical Core Decomposition (Deming Chu, Fan Zhang, Jingjing Lin)....Pages 297-311
Weighted Multi-label Learning with Rank Preservation (Chong Sun, Weiyu Zhou, Zhongshan Song, Fan Yin, Lei Zhang, Jianquan Bi)....Pages 312-324
Orthogonal Graph Regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Clustering (Jinrong He, Dongjian He, Bin Liu, Wenfa Wang)....Pages 325-337
Front Matter ....Pages 339-339
Characteristics of Patient Arrivals and Service Utilization in Outpatient Departments (Yonghou He, Bo Chen, Yuanxi Li, Chunqing Wang, Zili Zhang, Li Tao)....Pages 341-350
College Academic Achievement Early Warning Prediction Based on Decision Tree Model (Jianlin Zhu, Yilin Kang, Rongbo Zhu, Dajiang Wei, Yao Chen, Zhi Li et al.)....Pages 351-365
Intelligent Detection of Large-Scale KPI Streams Anomaly Based on Transfer Learning (XiaoYan Duan, NingJiang Chen, YongSheng Xie)....Pages 366-379
Latent Feature Representation for Cohesive Community Detection Based on Convolutional Auto-Encoder (Chun Li, Wenfeng Shi, Lin Shang)....Pages 380-394
Research on Monitoring Method of Ethylene Oxide Process by Improving C4.5 Algorithm (Xuehui Jing, Hongwei Zhao, Shuai Zhang, Ying Ruan)....Pages 395-405
Web API Recommendation with Features Ensemble and Learning-to-Rank (Hua Zhao, Jing Wang, Qimin Zhou, Xin Wang, Hao Wu)....Pages 406-419
EagleQR: An Application in Accessing Printed Text for the Elderly and Low Vision People (Zhi Yu, Jiajun Bu, Chunbin Gu, Shuyi Song, Liangcheng Li)....Pages 420-430
Back Matter ....Pages 431-432

First 10 Pages Of the book

Comments Of The Book