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Digital Food Photography 2005 book

Digital Food Photography

Details Of The Book

Digital Food Photography

Authors: ,   
ISBN : 1592008208, 9781592008209 
publisher: Course Technology; Safari 
publish year: 2005 
pages: 313 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 229 MB 

price : $14.58 18 With 19% OFF

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You can Download Digital Food Photography Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Content: \"\"Contents\"\"
\"\"1 The Key Ingredient: Pixels\"\"
\"\"The Way It Was: Working with Film\"\"
\"\"The Digital Age\"\"
\"\"The Digital Process\"\"
\"\"Digital Advantage\"\"
\"\"Digital Challenges\"\"
\"\"2 Digital Photography: The Necessities\"\"
\"\"Selecting a Digital Camera and Accessories\"\"
\"\"Understanding and Using Your Digital Camera\"\"
\"\"Optical and Digital Zoom\"\"
\"\"LCDs: The Digital Viewfinder\"\"
\"\"Battery Options\"\"
\"\"Digital Film: Storage Media\"\"
\"\"Photo Quality Settings\"\"
\"\"White Balance\"\"
\"\"Flash Settings\"\"
\"\"Focus\"\" \"\"3 Who\'s Digesting It: Advertising, Packaging, Public Relations, and the Media\"\"\"\"Questions, Questions, Questions\"\"
\"\"What Is the Purpose of the Photograph?\"\"
\"\"How Will the Type of Media Usage Affect Technical Aspects of the Shoot?\"\"
\"\"How Large Will the Image Be When It Is Reproduced?\"\"
\"\"What Is the Budget for the Shoot?\"\"
\"\"The Digital Reality Check\"\"
\"\"Shooting for Advertising, Packaging, Media Usage, and Public Relations\"\"
\"\"Product Packaging\"\"
\"\"Media Usage\"\"
\"\"Public Relations\"\"
\"\"Barilla\"\" \"\"4 Who\'s Doing the Cooking: Working with Food Stylists\"\"\"\"What Is a Food Stylist?\"\"
\"\"At the Shoot\"\"
\"\"Food-Styling Trends\"\"
\"\"Food-Styling Techniques and Tricks\"\"
\"\"Seeded Rolls and Bagels\"\"
\"\"Pancakes with Butter and Syrup\"\"
\"\"Grill Marks\"\"
\"\"Chicken Legs\"\"
\"\"Fresh Herbs\"\"
\"\"Ice Cubes\"\"
\"\"Ice Cream\"\"
\"\"Chocolate Curls\"\"
\"\"\"\"Saucing Up\"\" Your Dish\"\"
\"\"Additional Tips\"\"
\"\"5 Prop Styling: Who\'s Doing the Shopping?\"\"
\"\"The Creative Process\"\"
\"\"Basic Considerations\"\"
\"\"Locating Props\"\" \"\"At the Shoot\"\"\"\"Understanding Style\"\"
\"\"Size and Proportion\"\"
\"\"A Visual Comparison of Prop Styles\"\"
\"\"Poached Pears\"\"
\"\"Fresh Fruit Tarts\"\"
\"\"Tuscan Bread\"\"
\"\"Creamy Cheddar Soup\"\"
\"\"Fresh Lemonade\"\"
\"\"Kid\'s Birthday Party\"\"
\"\"Italian Aromatic Herb Dinner\"\"
\"\"Wine Dinner\"\"
\"\"Cannellini Beans with Sage\"\"
\"\"Almond Cookies\"\"
\"\"Chestnut Dinner\"\"
\"\"Roasted Chestnuts with Mulled Wine\"\"
\"\"6 Grabbing Your Attention: Composition\"\"
\"\"Impact and Proportion\"\"
\"\"Depth of Field\"\"
\"\"A Visual Comparison of Compositions\"\"
\"\"Fruit Tart\"\"
\"\"Fiddlehead Ferns\"\" \"\"Tri-Color Peppers\"\"\"\"Oysters\"\"
\"\"Anchovy Salad\"\"
\"\"Spring Pea Risotto\"\"
\"\"Oven Roasted Mussels\"\"
\"\"Beet Ravioli\"\"
\"\"Blueberry Cr�me Brûlée\"\"
\"\"Phyllo Purse\"\"
\"\"Passion Fruit Sorbet\"\"
\"\"7 The Recipe for Light\"\"
\"\"The Importance of Proper Exposure\"\"
\"\"ISO Settings, f-Stops, and Shutter Speeds\"\"
\"\"Color Temperature\"\"
\"\"Lighting Ratios\"\"
\"\"Lighting for Digital Food Photography\"\"
\"\"Basic Lighting Tools: Low Budget\"\"
\"\"Basic Lighting Tools: Medium Budget\"\"
\"\"Basic Lighting Tools: High Budget\"\"
\"\"A Visual Comparison of Lighting Setups\"\"

First 10 Pages Of the book

Comments Of The Book