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Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics: 9th International Conference, EPCE 2011, Held as Part of HCI International 2011, Orlando, FL, USA, July 9-14, 2011. Proceedings 2011 book

Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics: 9th International Conference, EPCE 2011, Held as Part of HCI International 2011, Orlando, FL, USA, July 9-14, 2011. Proceedings

Details Of The Book

Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics: 9th International Conference, EPCE 2011, Held as Part of HCI International 2011, Orlando, FL, USA, July 9-14, 2011. Proceedings

edition: 1 
Authors: , ,   
serie: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6781 Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 
ISBN : 9783642217418, 3642217419 
publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 
publish year: 2011 
pages: 643 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 17 MB 

price : $12.78 18 With 29% OFF

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You can Download Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics: 9th International Conference, EPCE 2011, Held as Part of HCI International 2011, Orlando, FL, USA, July 9-14, 2011. Proceedings Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter....Pages -
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Movement Time for Different Input Devices....Pages 3-9
Audio and Audiovisual Cueing in Visual Search: Effects of Target Uncertainty and Auditory Cue Precision....Pages 10-20
Interpretation of Metaphors with Perceptual Features Using WordNet....Pages 21-27
Acoustic Correlates of Deceptive Speech – An Exploratory Study....Pages 28-37
Kansei Evaluation of HDR Color Images with Different Tone Curves and Sizes – Foundational Investigation of Difference between Japanese and Chinese....Pages 38-44
Personalized Emotional Prediction Method for Real-Life Objects Based on Collaborative Filtering....Pages 45-52
A Study of Vision Ergonomic of LED Display Signs on Different Environment Illuminance....Pages 53-62
Spatial Tasks on a Large, High-Resolution, Tiled Display: A Male Inferiority in Performance with a Mental Rotation Task....Pages 63-71
Modeling Visual Attention for Rule-Based Usability Simulations of Elderly Citizen....Pages 72-81
Operational Characteristics Related to Memory in Operating Information Devices with Hierarchical Menu....Pages 82-91
Effects of Paper on Page Turning: Comparison of Paper and Electronic Media in Reading Documents with Endnotes....Pages 92-101
Viability of Mobile Devices for Training Purposes....Pages 102-109
Display System for Advertising Image with Scent and Psychological Effect....Pages 110-119
Subitizing-Counting Analogue Observed in a Fast Multi-tapping Task....Pages 120-125
The Number of Trials with Target Affects the Low Prevalence Effect....Pages 126-131
Front Matter....Pages 133-133
Facial Expression Measurement for Detecting Driver Drowsiness....Pages 135-144
Estimation of Driver’s Fatigue Based on Steering Wheel Angle....Pages 145-155
Study on Driving Performance of Aged Drivers at the Intersections Compared with Young Drivers....Pages 156-166
The Influence of False and Missing Alarms of Safety System on Drivers’ Risk-Taking Behavior....Pages 167-175
Estimation of Driver’s Arousal State Using Multi-dimensional Physiological Indices....Pages 176-185
Front Matter....Pages 133-133
The Effects of Visual and Cognitive Distraction on Driver Situation Awareness....Pages 186-195
Experienced and Novice Driver Situation Awareness at Rail Level Crossings: An Exploratory On-Road Study....Pages 196-204
Influence of Brightness and Traffic Flow on Driver’s Eye-Fixation-Related Potentials....Pages 205-213
Cognitive Compatibility of Motorcyclists and Drivers....Pages 214-222
Front Matter....Pages 223-223
Information Searching on the Web: The Cognitive Difficulties Experienced by Older Users in Modifying Unsuccessful Information Searches....Pages 225-232
Template for Website Browsing....Pages 233-242
Mental Models: Have Users’ Mental Models of Web Search Engines Improved in the Last Ten Years?....Pages 243-253
The e-Progression in SEs....Pages 254-262
Cross-Cultural Comparison of Blog Use for Parent-Teacher Communication in Elementary Schools....Pages 263-272
How Font Size and Tag Location Influence Chinese Perception of Tag Cloud?....Pages 273-282
Front Matter....Pages 283-283
Balance between Abstract Principles and Concrete Instances in Knowledge Communication....Pages 285-293
Using Uncertainty to Inform Information Sufficiency in Decision Making....Pages 294-302
Consideration of Human Factors for Prioritizing Test Cases for the Software System Test....Pages 303-312
Cognitive Engineering of Automated Assembly Processes....Pages 313-321
Delegation to Automation: Performance and Implications in Non-optimal Situations....Pages 322-331
Effective Shift Handover....Pages 332-341
Measuring Self-adaptive UAV Operators’ Load-Shedding Strategies under High Workload....Pages 342-351
Display Requirements for an Interactive Rail Scheduling Display....Pages 352-361
Front Matter....Pages 363-363
Application of Natural Language in Fire Spread Display....Pages 365-373
Differences between Students and Professionals While Using a GPS Based GIS in an Emergency Response Study....Pages 374-383
Front Matter....Pages 363-363
Adversarial Behavior in Complex Adaptive Systems: An Overview of ICST’s Research on Competitive Adaptation in Militant Networks....Pages 384-393
Preferred Temporal Characteristics of an Advance Notification System for Autonomous Powered Wheelchair....Pages 394-403
Pre-validation of Nuclear Power Plant Control Room Design....Pages 404-413
Deception and Self-awareness....Pages 414-423
Air Passengers’ Luggage Screening: What Is the Difference between Naïve People and Airport Screeners?....Pages 424-431
Acceptability and Effects of Tools to Assist with Controller Managed Spacing in the Terminal Area....Pages 432-441
The Effects of Individual and Context on Aggression in Repeated Social Interaction....Pages 442-451
Scent Trails: Countering Terrorism through Informed Surveillance....Pages 452-460
Using Behavioral Measures to Assess Counter-Terrorism Training in the Field....Pages 461-470
Front Matter....Pages 471-471
Applied Cognitive Ergonomics Design Principles for Fighter Aircraft....Pages 473-483
Designing Effective Soldier-Robot Teams in Complex Environments: Training, Interfaces, and Individual Differences....Pages 484-493
Optimizing Performance Variables for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Co-axial Rotor Systems....Pages 494-503
Trust Evaluation through Human-Machine Dialogue Modelling....Pages 504-513
A Testbed for Exploring Human-Robot Interaction with Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles....Pages 514-521
Technological and Usability-Based Aspects of Distributed After Action Review in a Game-Based Training Setting....Pages 522-529
Authority Sharing in Mixed Initiative Control of Multiple Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles....Pages 530-539
Enhancing Pilot Training with Advanced Measurement Techniques....Pages 540-545
Rule Fragmentation in the Airworthiness Regulations: A Human Factors Perspective....Pages 546-555
Development of a Reconfigurable Protective System for Multi-rotor UAS....Pages 556-564
Test-Retest Reliability of CogGauge: A Cognitive Assessment Tool for SpaceFlight....Pages 565-571
Front Matter....Pages 471-471
A Formalism for Assessing the Situation Awareness of Pilots....Pages 572-581
Mental Resource Demands Prediction as a Key Element for Future Assistant Systems in Military Helicopters....Pages 582-591
Analysis of Mental Workload during En-route Air Traffic Control Task Execution Based on Eye-Tracking Technique....Pages 592-597
An After Action Review Engine for Training in Multiple Areas....Pages 598-607
Mixed-Initiative Multi-UAV Mission Planning by Merging Human and Machine Cognitive Skills....Pages 608-617
Exploring the Relationship among Dimensions of Flight Comprehensive Capabilities Based on SEM....Pages 618-627
A Generic After Action Review Capability for Game-Based Training....Pages 628-634
Back Matter....Pages -

First 10 Pages Of the book

Comments Of The Book