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European Journal of Biochemistry 1967 book

European Journal of Biochemistry

Details Of The Book

European Journal of Biochemistry

edition: 1 
Authors: ,   
ISBN : 9783662237175, 9783662258132 
publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 
publish year: 1967 
pages: 496 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 21 MB 

price : $14.63 19 With 23% OFF

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You can Download European Journal of Biochemistry Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter....Pages I-2
Introduction....Pages 2-2
Synthesis of Virus-Specific Proteins in Escherichia coli Infected with the RNA Bacteriophage MS2....Pages 3-11
Dephosphorylation of Pyrimidine Nucleotides in the Soluble Fraction of Homogenates from Normal and Regenerating Rat Liver....Pages 12-20
Yeast Malate Dehydrogenase: Enzyme Inactivation in Catabolite Repression....Pages 21-25
Reversible Inactivation of Citrate Lyase: Effect of Metal Ions and Adenine Nucleotides....Pages 26-28
Interactions of Adenosine Tetraphosphate with Myosin and Actomyosin....Pages 29-32
Kinetics of Enzyme Inactivation in Solution by Ionizing Radiation....Pages 33-35
Zum Mechanismus der Ribonuclease-Reaktion....Pages 36-45
Synthesis and Use of O -Stearoyl Polysaccharides in Passive Hemagglutination and Hemolysis....Pages 46-50
Physico-chemical Properties of Native and Recombined Calf Thymus Nucleohistones....Pages 51-60
The Binding of Calcium at Lipid-Water Interfaces....Pages 61-69
Biosynthesis of Aristolochic Acid....Pages 70-72
Absence of β Globin Synthesis and Excess of α Globin Synthesis in Homozygous β-Thalassemia....Pages 73-79
A Protein Sequenator....Pages 80-91
Enzymatic Synthesis of Deoxyribonucleotides....Pages 92-95
The Mechanism of Enzyme Secretion by the Cell....Pages 96-101
Reduced Nicotinamide Dinucleotide Phosphate Diaphorase from Bacillus subtilis ....Pages 102-109
Studies on the Properties of (—)-2- α -Hydroxyethyl-Thiamine Pyrophosphate (“Active Acetaldehyde”)....Pages 110-116
Purification and Properties of Fructose Diphosphate Aldolase from Spinach Leaves....Pages 117-124
Synthèse du poly U par la RNA polymérase avec l’acide octoadénylique (hepta adénylyl-(3′,5′)-adénosine) comme matrice....Pages 125-134
Affinité différentielle de la RNA polymérase pour divers polyribonucléotides synthétiques....Pages 135-140
Ion Transport in Liver Mitochondria....Pages 141-146
Interactions entre pigments et acides nucléiques....Pages 147-151
Sheep Kidney Nuclease Hydrolysis of tRNA....Pages 152-163
Characterization of Ribonucleic Acid with Template Activity in Rat Liver Cytoplasm....Pages 164-169
Purification and Properties of Two Forms of 6-Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase from Candida utilis ....Pages 170-178
Préparation de RNA Messager de Réticulocytes de Lapin par Ultracentrifugation en Rotor Zonal....Pages 179-181
Transamidinase of Hog Kidney....Pages 182-186
The Localization and Function of Carnitine Acetyltransferase in the Flight Muscles of the Locust....Pages 187-192
Some Properties of Alkaline Phosphatase of Pseudomonas fluorescens ....Pages 193-198
The Participation of GTP-AMP-P Transferase in Substrate Level Phosphate Transfer of Rat Liver Mitochondria....Pages 199-206
Levels of Glycolytic Intermediates in the Musculature of the Chick during Embryonic and Post-Embryonic Development....Pages 207-215
Eine neue Gruppe von Salmonella R-Mutanten....Pages 216-232
Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur Biosynthese von Nucleotid-Zuckern in S- und R-Formen von Salmonella minnesota und Salmonella ruiru ....Pages 233-242
Zum Mechanismus der Ribonuclease-Reaktion....Pages 243-250
Zum Mechanismus der Ribonuclease-Reaktion....Pages 251-258
Abbreviations and Symbols for Chemical Names of Special Interest in Biological Chemistry....Pages 259-266
Synthesis, Characterization and Enzymatic Properties of Poly- l -Lysyl Ribonuclease....Pages 267-280
A Comparative Study of Basic, Acidic and Neutral Polypeptidyl RNases, Including Polyarginyl and Polyhistidyl Derivatives....Pages 281-288
Regulation of the Enzymes of the β-Ketoadipate Pathway in Moraxella calcoacetica ....Pages 289-300
The Response of the Respiratory Chain and Adenine Nucleotide System to Oxidative Phosphorylation in Yeast Mitochondria....Pages 301-311
Radical Transfer Reactions and Chemical Protection in the Dry State. Electron Spin Resonance Studies on Irradiated Mixtures of Ribonuclease and Glycyl-Glycine....Pages 312-316
An Evaluation of the Mitchell Hypothesis of Chemiosmotic Coupling in Oxidative and Photosynthetic Phosphorylation....Pages 317-326
Protection of Polynucleotide Phosphorylase by Substrates against Urea Inactivation....Pages 327-333
On the Mechanism of Na + - and K + -Stimulated Hydrolysis of Adenosine Triphosphate....Pages 334-343
Differences between the Chemical Structures of Duck and Hen Egg-white Lysozymes....Pages 344-346
The Role of the Allosteric Sites in the X-Ray Inactivation of Phosphorylase b....Pages 347-352
Spectrométrie de masse de glycolipides....Pages 353-356
Studies on Phytosterol Biosynthesis: the Sterols of Larix decidua Leaves....Pages 357-362
Regulation der Biosynthese der aromatischen Aminosäuren in Saccharomyces cerevisiae ....Pages 363-374
Abbreviated Designation of Amino Acid Derivatives and Peptides....Pages 375-378
Rules for Naming Synthetic Modifications of Natural Peptides....Pages 379-381
Untersuchungen zur Induktion der Lac-Enzyme....Pages 382-394
Mechanism of Ribulose-Diphosphate Carboxydismutase Reaction....Pages 395-399
Dissoziation der Rinderleber-Katalase in ihre Untereinheiten....Pages 400-410
Isolement de l’autoantigène responsable de la formation d’autoanticorps chez les malades atteints de cancer gastrique....Pages 411-418
Conversion of P-450 to P-420 by Neutral Salts and some other Reagents....Pages 419-426
Palmityl-CoA: carnitine O -palmityltransferase in the Mitochondrial Oxidation of Palmityl-CoA....Pages 427-433
Role of Sulphydryl Groups in Adenosine Deaminase....Pages 434-438
Inhibition of Respiration under the Control of Azide Uptake by Mitochondria....Pages 439-446
Über das Katalyseprinzip der Malat-synthase....Pages 447-475
The Importance of SH-Groups for Enzymic Activity....Pages 476-481
A Quantitative Isotope Method for Regulation Studies of Aromatic Amino Acid Synthesis under Growth Conditions....Pages 482-486

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Comments Of The Book