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Further selections from the prison notebooks 1995 book

Further selections from the prison notebooks

Details Of The Book

Further selections from the prison notebooks

Authors: ,   
ISBN : 9780816626588, 0816626588 
publisher: University of Minnesota Press 
publish year: 1995 
pages: 701 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 44 MB 

price : $8.88 12 With 26% OFF

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Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

	1	Why ‘Further Selections from the Prison Notebooks’?
	2	Faith as a Material Force
	3	Education
	4	Economics and the Economy
	5	National and International Economic Trends
	6	Science and Translatability
	7	Idealist Philosophy: Gramsci’s ‘Anti-Croce’
	8	The Gramscian Renewal of Marxism: Living Philology and Translation
	Autobiographical Notes
	1	Religion [1]
	3	Religion as a Principle and the Clergy as Feudal Class-Order
	4	The Clergy as Intellectuals
	5	The Social Origin of the Clergy
	6	The Clergy, Church Property and Analogous Forms of Landed or Non-Landed Property
	7	Religioni]
	8	Past and Present [1]. Fables. Points on Religion
	9	Cultural Questions. Fetishism
	10	The Conception of Organic Centralism and the Priestly Caste
	11	Arms and Religion
	12	Past and Present [2]. The Spread of Christianity
	13	Conflict between State and Church as Eternal Historical Category
	14	History of the Intellectuals. Struggle between Church and State
	15	Development of the Bourgeois Spirit in Italy
	16	History of the Italian Intellectuals. Galileo and Giordano Bruno
	17	Catholic Action [1]. Roberto Bellarmino’s Canonisation23
	18	Humanism and Renaissance
	19	Reformation and Renaissance. Nicholas of Cusa
	20	Formation and Reformation
	21	Past and Present [3]. Lutheran Reformation - British Calvinism - French Rationalism
	22	Notes on Italian Culture. On Protestantism in Italy
	23	Catholic Action [2]. Catholic Action’s History and Organisation
	24	Catholic Action and the Franciscan Tertiaries
	25	On Poverty, Catholicism and the Church Hierarchy
	26	Catholic Action [3]. The Pre-History of Catholic Action
	27	Catholic Action [4]. Catholic Action’s Origins
	28	Catholic Action [5]. Catholic Action and Neo- Guelphism
	29	The Risorgimento. 1848-49
	30	Catholic Action [6]. The Role of the Catholics in Italy
	31	Catholic Action [7], Gianforte Suardi
	32	Clergy and Intellectuals [2]. Leo XIII
	33	Catholic Action [8]. The Church’s Reduced Role in the World
	34	On Catholic ‘Social Thought’
	35	Catholic Social Thought
	36	Catholic Action [9J. The ‘Workers’ Retreats’
	37	Catholic Action [ 10]. Catholics and Insurrection
	38	Catholic Action [11]. The Lille Conflict
	39	Davide Lazzaretti
	40	Religion, the Lottery and the Opium of Poverty [1]
	41	Religion, the Lottery and the Opium of Poverty [2]
	42	The Concordat
	43	Nature of the Concordats
	44	State-Church Relations [1]
	45	Concordats and International Treaties
	46	State-Church Relations [2]
	47	The State is the Church
	48	Past and Present [4] Religion in Schools
	49	Catholicism and Secularism. Religion and Science, etc.
	50	Encyclopaedic Notions [1], Civil Society
	51	The Rise of the Integralists
	52	Action Française and the Integralists
	53	An Action Française Journalist in Rome
	54	Action Française’» Long Crisis
	55	Maurras and Paganism
	56	Maurras and ‘Organic Centralism’
	57	The Turmel Case95
	58	The Case of Abbé Tunnel of Rennes
	60	Introduction to the Study of Philosophy. Fr Lippert
	61	The Encyclicals Against Modem Thought
	62	Past and Present [5). Papal Encyclicals
	63	Roberto Bellarmino
	64	The Italian Risorgimento. Jewish Culture and Consciousness in Italy
	65	Integralist Catholics, Jesuits, Modernists. *Spain
	66	Catholic Action [12]. France
	67	Lucien Romier and French Catholic Action [ 1]
	68	Lucien Romier and French Catholic Action [2]
	69	Catholic Action [13]. Catholic Action in Germany and Austria
	70	Relations between the German Centre and the Vatican
	71	Catholic Action in Germany [ 1 ]
	72	Catholic Action in Germany [2]
	73	Catholic Action in the United States [1]
	74	Catholic Action in the United States [2]
	75	Catholic Action [14]. Catholicism and Social Democracy in Britain
	76	British Labourism. The Archbishop of Canterbury and Labourism
	77	The Ecumenical Movement
	78	Ecumenical Movements
	79	Religious Movements. The Ecumenical Movement and its Subsidiary Organisation
	80	Religion and Politics
	81	Ecumenicalism and Protestant Propaganda in South America
	82	South American Culture
	83	Jesuitism in South America
	84	Catholicism in India
	85	Rebel India
	86	Non-Resistance and Non-Co-operation
	87	Religiosity in India
	88	Encyclopaedic Notions [2], Theopanism
	89	Brief Notes on Indian Culture
	90	Intellectuals. On Indian Culture
	91	The Question of the Intellectuals
	92	Brief Notes on Chinese Culture [I]135
	93	Brief Notes on Chinese Culture [2]
	94	Brief notes on Japanese Culture [1]
	95	Brief Notes on Japanese Culture [2]
	96	The New Evolution of Islam
	97	Brief Notes on Islamic Culture
	98	The Influence of Arab Culture on Western Civilisation
	1	Some Problems of Modern Pedagogy
	2	Scholastic Questions [ 1 ]
	4	Professional Orientation
	6	The Academies
	7	Italian and French Culture and the Academies
	8	The Italian Universities
	9	Scholastic Questions [2]
	10	Intellectual and Moral Order
	11	The Organisation of Cultural Life
	12	Types of Periodical
	13	Italian Culture
	14	The Popular Libraries
	15	Ideological Material
	16	Introduction to the Study of Philosophy. Pedagogy and Hegemony11
	17	Antonio Labriola [1]
	18	Antonio Labriola [2]
	1	Machiavelli as an Economist
	2	Points to Reflect on for a Study of Economics [ 1 ]. The Beginning of Economic Science
	3	Points to Reflect on for a Study of Economics [2].
	The Method of Economic Research
	4	Brief Notes on Economics [ 1 ]. The Concept of ‘Homo Oeconomicus’
	5	Points to Reflect on for a Study of Economics [3 ]. On the Subject of the So-Called Homo Oeconomicus
	6	Points to Reflect on for a Study of Economics [4]. Classical Economy and Critical Economy
	7	Points to Reflect on for a Study of Economics [5]. Observations on Pantaleoni’s ‘Pure Economics’
	8	Points to Reflect on for a Study of Economics [6]. Regarding Pantaleoni’s ‘Pure Economics’
	9	Brief Notes on Economics [2]. Lionel Robbins
	10	Brief Notes on Economics [3]. Political Economy and Critical Economy
	11	Outlines of Marxist Economics
	12	Freedom and ‘Automatism’ 
	13	Brief Notes on Economics [4]. Ugo Spirito & Co.
	14	Encyclopaedic Notions. Conjuncture [1]
	15	Encyclopaedic Notions. Conjuncture [2]
	16	Points for a Study of Economics: The Einaudi- Spirito Polemic over the State
	17	Economic History Studies
	18	Graziadei’s Land of Cokaygne
	19	Graziadei and the Land of Cokaygne
	20	Graziadei
	21	On Graziadei
	22	Points to Reflect on in Economics. The Science of Economics
	1	Geo-Politics
	2	World Politics and European Politics
	3	The Atlantic and the Pacific
	4	America and the Mediterranean
	5	Great Britain and the United States
	6	Britain, Russia, Germany
	7	Encyclopaedic Notions [ 1]. The Four Pillars of Europe
	8	A Policy for Peace in Europe
	9	Augur
	10	Geo-Political Developments
	11	America
	12	Past and Present [ 1]. Otto Kahn
	13	Oil, Petrol and Petroleum Products
	14	Italy and the Y emen in the New Politics of the Arab World
	15	Britain and the United States after the War
	16	The American Negroes
	17	Past and Present [2]. Observations on the World Crisis
	18	Past and Present [3]. The Standard of Living
	19	Psychology and Politics
	20	Past and Present [4]. The Crisis
	21	Past and Present [5]. Elements of the Economic Crises
	22	Brief Notes on Political Economy
	23	Points to Reflect on in Economics [ 1 ]. Agnelli’s Ideas
	24	Points to Reflect on in Economics [2]. Labour and Consumption
	25	Post-War Contradictions
	26	Inflation and the Domestic Economy
	27	International T ariffs and T rade
	28	The National Economy
	29	Relations Between City and Countryside
	30	City and Countryside
	31	Colonies, Capital Flow and the Demographic Question
	32	Questions of Hegemony
	33	The Colonies
	34	Robert Michels
	35	Past and Present [6]. Studies on the National Economic Structure
	36	Nationalisations and State Takeovers
	37	Past and Present [7]. Nationalisations
	38	The Italian Risorgimento. Savings, Agricultural Protectionism and Industry
	39	Past and Present [8]. The Error of the AntiProtectionist Left
	40	Past and Present [9]. The Individual and the State
	41	On the National Economic Structure
	42	Humanity-as-Labour and Modern Internationalism44
	43	America and Europe
	44	American Industry
	45	Past and Present [10]. Fordism
	47	The Basic Activity of the Age
	48	American Pragmatism
	50	Vittorio Macchioro and America
	52	Cultural Questions. Disraeli
	53	The British Empire
	54	Constitution of the British Empire
	56	Paying off the National Debt
	57	London’s World Role
	58	Past and Present [ 11]. The British Government
	59	The Crisis of Parliamentarism
	60	Past and Present [12]. Britain and Germany
	61	Cultural Topics. Conformism and the Collective Man63
	62	Reformation and Renaissance. The Present Process of the Molecular Formation of a New Civilisation
	63	The Modern Prince and the Collective Man64 * * * 68 *
	65	Freud and the Collective Man
	66	Encyclopaedic Notions [2]. Liberty-Discipline
	67	Man as Individual and Man as Mass
	68	Passive Revolution and the Planned Economy74
	1	Encyclopaedic Notions [1]. ‘Scientific’: What is ‘Scientific’?
	2	Encyclopaedic Notions [2]. Science and Scientific
	3	Encyclopaedic Notions [3]. Empiricism
	4	Popular Manual of Sociology. Objection to Empiricism
	5	Methodological Criteria [ 1 ]
	6	Methodological Criteria [2]
	7	Philosophers-Literati and Philosophers-Scientists
	8	Modern Science and Misconceptions About It
	9	Science, Humanity, Objectivity
	10	Science as Ideology
	11	Philosophy-Ideology, Science-Doctrine
	12	Popular Ignorance about Science
	13	Methodology, Logic, Epistemology
	14	Dialectics as Part of Formal Logic and Rhetoric
	15	The Purely Instrumental Value of Formal Logic and Methodology19
	16	Bibliography. Tobias Dantzig
	18	Past and Present [ 1 ]. Don Ferrante’s Logic
	19	Philosophical and Scientific Esperanto
	20	Cultural Topics. Formal Logic and Scientific Mentality
	21	Introduction to the Study of Philosophy [ 1 ]. The Translatability of Scientific Languages
	23	Lenin and Translation
	24	Translation Between Different Civilisations
	25	Giovanni Vailati36 and the Translatability of Scientific Languages
	26	The Mutual Translatability of National Cultures
	27	Introduction to the Study of Philosophy [3 ]. Gioberti on French and German Philosophy
	28	The Translatability of Different National Cultures
	29	Miscellaneous Notes. The History of Terminology and Metaphors
	30	The Proposition that One Must ‘Put Man Back on his Feet’
	31	On Ancient Capitalism
	32	Encyclopaedic Notions [4]. The Machine
	33	Political Nomenclature. Artisans: Small, Medium and Big Industry
	3	5 On the Development of Military Technology
	36 Past and Present [2]. War
	1	Croce’s Stance during the World War
	2	Croce as Intellectual Leader of Revisionism
	3	Development of the Theory of Ethico-Political History
	4	Croce’s Relative Popularity
	5	Croce and Religion
	6	Croce and Italian Historiography
	7	Definition of Ethico-Political History26
	8	T ranscendence-Theology-Speculation
	9	Paradigms of Ethico-Political History33
	10	Liberty as the Identity of History and Mind and as Ideology35
	11	Croce and the Philosophy of Praxis
	12	Ethico-Political History and Hegemony42
	13	Notes
	1 Some General Methodological Criteria for the Critique of Croce’s Philosophy1
	3	South and North
	4	The Man Standing on his Head4
	5	The Dialectic of Distincts
	6	Croce and Hegel
	7	Ethics and Politics
	8	Science of Politics
	9	The ‘National’ Origins of Crocean Historicism
	10	Croce’s Historicism
	11	The Histories of Italy and Europe
	12	Introduction to the Study of Philosophy [ 1 ]. History and Anti-History22
	13	History, Anti-History and Hegel
	14	Past and Presenti 1]. Giolitti and Croce
	15	Past and Present[2]. The World is Moving Towards...
	16	Identity of History and Philosophy
	17	Philosophy, Religion, Ideology
	18	Crocean Passion and Sorelian Myth
	19	Passion and Politics [ 1 ]
	20	Passion and Politics [2]
	21	Political Ideologies37
	22	The Autonomy of the Politico-Economic Moment
	23	Appendix. Philosophical Knowledge as a Practical Act, an Act of the Will
	24	Introduction to the Study of Philosophy[2]. Reality of the External World
	25	Religion, Philosophy, Politics [1]
	26	A Philosophy for Barbarians
	27	Originality and Popularisation
	28	Religion, Philosophy, Politics [2]
	29	Croce and Deceptive Appearances
	30	The Real Development of History
	31	Some Causes of Error
	32	Croce in the Second Post-War Period63
	33	The War of Historical Materialism
	34	Croce’s Four Criticisms of Marxism
	35	The Immediate Practical Element
	36	Croce, Einaudi, Loria
	37	Note on Luigi Einaudi
	38	Cultural Topics. Philosophy of Praxis and ‘Historical Economisin’
	39	The Crocean Critique of Marxism
	40	The Theory of Value in Critical Economy
	41	The Theory of Value as an Elliptical Comparison
	42	Croce and the Falling Rate of Profit
	43	Relative Surplus Value and the Falling Rate of Profit
	44	Fordism and the Falling Rate of Profit
	45	Past and Present[3]. Political and Civil Society
	46	Identification of Individual and State
	47	Notes on Italian Culture [ 1 ]. Science and Culture
	48	Notes on Italian Culture [2], Science
	49	Giovanni Gentile
	50	G. Gentile and the Philosophy of Politics
	51	Past and Present[4]. Gentile-Gioberti
	52	A Judgement on Gentile’s ‘Actual Idealism’
	53	Past and Present[5]. Gentile’s Philosophy
	54	Past and Present[6]. The Crocean Utopia
	55	The Theoretical Affirmation
	56	Actualism, Ideology and Philosophy
	57	Croce on De Man
	58	Henri De Man
	59	Sorel, Proudhon, De Man[l]107
	60	Sorel, Proudhon, De Man[2]
	61	Sorel, Proudhon, De Man [3]
	62	The Movement and the End128
	63	The Party Man
	64	Croce in the Intellectual Hierarchy
	65	Croce’s International Importance
	66	Croce as a Renaissance Man [ 1 ]142
	67	Croce and Julien Benda
	68	Croce as a Renaissance Man [2]
	69	Croce and Modernism
	70	Croce as a Renaissance Man [3]
	Note on the Translation
	Chapter II The Origin of Modern Educational Principles
	Chapter III The Nature and History of Economic Science
	Chapter IV Economic Trends and Developments
	Chapter V Science, Logic and Translatability
	Chapter VI Reference Points for an Essay on B. Croce
	Chapter VII The Philosophy of Benedetto Croce

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