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How to solve school physics problems book

How to solve school physics problems

Details Of The Book

How to solve school physics problems

Category: Physics
publish year:  
pages: 0 
language: English 
ebook format : DJVU (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 4 MB 

price : $7.7 11 With 30% OFF

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You can Download How to solve school physics problems Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Content: Preface --
How to use this book --
How to excel in your physics course --
Mathematical background --
Vectors --
Kinematics in one dimension --
Falling-body problems --
Projectile motion --
Forces (including centripetal force) --
Apparent weight --
Work and the definite integral --
Work-energy problems --
Center of mass and momentum --
Collision and impulse --
Rotational motion --
Rotational dynamics --
Equilibrium --
Gravity --
Simple harmonic motion --
Fluids --
Temperature and calorimetry --
Kinetics and the ideal gas laws --
First law of thermodynamics --
Second law of thermodynamics --
Mechanical waves --
Standing waves (strings and pipes) --
Sound --
Charge and Coulomb's law --
The electric field --
Gauss' law --
Electric potential --
Capacitance --
Current and resistance --
Resistors in DC circuits --
Kirchhoff's laws --
RC circuits --
Magnetic fields --
Magnetic forces --
Ampere's law --
Biot-Savart law --
Faraday's law --
Inductance --
RL circuits --
Oscillating LC circuits --
Series RLC circuits and phasors --
Maxwell's equations --
Electromagnetic waves --
Reflection, refraction, and polarization --
Mirrors and lenses --
Diffraction and interference --
Special relativity --
Quantum physics --
Atoms, molecules, and solids --
Nuclear physics --
Physical constants --
Conversions --
Periodic table of the elements.

Comments Of The Book