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Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides · I 1978 book

Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides · I

Details Of The Book

Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides · I

edition: 1 
Authors: , ,   
serie: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 98 
ISBN : 9781461588603, 9781461588580 
publisher: Springer US 
publish year: 1978 
pages: 500 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 11 MB 

price : $9.13 11 With 17% OFF

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You can Download Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides · I Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter....Pages i-x
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Introduction....Pages 3-4
Identifying Antigenic Determinants on Cytochrome c for B and T Cells....Pages 5-18
First Consequences of the Determination of the Entire Antigenic Structure of Sperm-Whale Myoglobin....Pages 19-40
The Precise and Entire Antigenic Structure of Lysozyme: Implications of Surface-Simulation Synthesis and the Molecular Features of Protein Antigenic Sites....Pages 41-99
Immunochemistry of Bovine Serum Albumin....Pages 101-117
Analysis of a Complex Antigenic Site on Horse Cytochrome c ....Pages 119-129
A Model Implicating Altered Macrophage Function in H-2 Linked Nonresponsiveness to Hen Lysozyme....Pages 131-139
Front Matter....Pages 141-141
T-Lymphocyte Activation by Immunogenic Determinants....Pages 143-164
Immunochemical Studies on the Tobacco Mosaic Virus Protein....Pages 165-179
Immunobiologic Properties of the Major Antigenic Determinants of the Ferredoxin Molecule....Pages 181-198
In Vitro Responses of Myoglobin-Primed Lymph Node Cells to Myoglobin and Myoglobin Synthetic Antigenic Peptides....Pages 199-223
Genetic Control of the Antibody Response to Sperm Whale Myoglobin in Mice....Pages 225-239
Genetic Control of the Immune Response to Staphylococcal Nuclease in Mice....Pages 241-257
Peptides and Autoimmune Disease....Pages 259-281
Mechanisms of Tolerance to HGG Induced in Neonatal and Adult Mice....Pages 283-303
Recognition of Lysozyme by Lymphocyte Subsets....Pages 305-321
Front Matter....Pages 323-323
Complexity of Cell Interactions: Analysis Using Antigens Under Ir Gene Control....Pages 325-338
Activation of B Cell Subsets by T-Dependent and T-Independent Antigens....Pages 339-356
Regulation of Anti-Hapten Antibody Secretion by Carrier-Specific Suppressor T Cells....Pages 357-369
Genetic Control of the T-Lymphocyte Proliferative Response to Cytochrome c ....Pages 371-386
Front Matter....Pages 323-323
Independent Precursors for Thymus Dependent and Thymus Independent IgG Memory B Cells....Pages 387-397
Front Matter....Pages 399-399
Introduction....Pages 401-402
T-Cell Regulation of Restricted B-Cell Responses....Pages 403-417
L-Glutamic Acid 60 -L-Alanine 30 -L-Tyrosine 10 (GAT): A Probe for Regulatory Mechanisms in Antibody Responses....Pages 419-428
The Nature and Functions of Specific Immune Response Genes and their Products....Pages 429-446
Genetic Control of the Immune Response to Insulin: Its Dependence Upon a Macrophage Mediated Selection of Distinct Antigenic Sites....Pages 447-458
Immune Responses of Inbred Guinea Pigs and Mice to Helical Sequential Polymers of Amino Acids....Pages 459-474
Front Matter....Pages 475-475
Introduction....Pages 477-482
Lymphocyte Differentiation as Analyzed by the Expression of Defined Cell Surface Markers....Pages 483-495
Back Matter....Pages 497-513

First 10 Pages Of the book

Comments Of The Book