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Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems: 10th International Conference, KES 2006, Bournemouth, UK, October 9-11, 2006. Proceedings, Part I 2006 book

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems: 10th International Conference, KES 2006, Bournemouth, UK, October 9-11, 2006. Proceedings, Part I

Details Of The Book

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems: 10th International Conference, KES 2006, Bournemouth, UK, October 9-11, 2006. Proceedings, Part I

edition: 1 
Authors: , , , ,   
serie: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4251 
ISBN : 9783540465355, 9783540465362 
publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 
publish year: 2006 
pages: 1360 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 28 MB 

price : $14.8 20 With 26% OFF

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You can Download Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems: 10th International Conference, KES 2006, Bournemouth, UK, October 9-11, 2006. Proceedings, Part I Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter....Pages -
Integration of Ant Colony SOM and K-Means for Clustering Analysis....Pages 1-8
An Improved Text Categorization Methodology Based on Second and Third Order Probabilistic Feature Extraction and Neural Network Classifiers....Pages 9-20
An Improved OIF Elman Neural Network and Its Applications to Stock Market....Pages 21-28
Fuzzy Logic Controller for Turbojet Engine of Unmanned Aircraft....Pages 29-36
Fuzzy Linear Programming Approach to Multi-mode Distribution Planning Problem....Pages 37-45
Hardware Implementation of Fuzzy Controllers-Approach and Constraints....Pages 46-51
The Design of Self-tuning Strategy of Genetically Optimized Fuzzy-PI Controller for HVDC System....Pages 52-59
A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for the Euclidean Steiner Tree Problem Using Local Searches....Pages 60-67
Use of Cluster Validity in Designing Adaptive Gabor Wavelet Based Face Recognition....Pages 68-77
Self-adaptive Classifier Fusion for Expression-Insensitive Face Recognition....Pages 78-85
Improved Harmony Search from Ensemble of Music Players....Pages 86-93
Performance Comparison of Genetic and Tabu Search Algorithms for System Identification....Pages 94-101
Towards Self-configuring Evolvable FPGA Using Feedback Cross-Checking....Pages 102-109
A Self-adjusting Load Sharing Mechanism Including an Improved Response Time Using Evolutionary Information....Pages 110-121
A New Memetic Algorithm Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm....Pages 122-129
Mathematical and Empirical Analysis of the Real World Tournament Selection....Pages 130-137
Link Mass Optimization of Serial Robot Manipulators Using Genetic Algorithm....Pages 138-144
An Algorithm for Eliminating the Inconsistencies Caused During Discretization....Pages 145-152
A Combinational Clustering Method Based on Artificial Immune System and Support Vector Machine....Pages 153-162
User Preference Through Learning User Profile for Ubiquitous Recommendation Systems....Pages 163-170
Automated Recognition of Cellular Phenotypes by Support Vector Machines with Feature Reduction....Pages 171-178
Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis Using Support Vector Machines and Artificial Neural Networks with Clonal Selection Algorithms Optimization....Pages 179-186
A Semi-naive Bayesian Learning Method for Utilizing Unlabeled Data....Pages 187-194
Quantitative and Ordinal Association Rules Mining (QAR Mining)....Pages 195-202
Extraction of Spatial Rules Using a Decision Tree Method: A Case Study in Urban Growth Modeling....Pages 203-211
Classification Using Multiple and Negative Target Rules....Pages 212-219
Coherent Formation for Agents Using Flocking with Cellular Automata....Pages 220-227
Managing Emergent Processes....Pages 228-235
Teamwork Coordination in Large-Scale Mobile Agent Networks....Pages 236-243
Real-Time Search Algorithms for Exploration and Mapping....Pages 244-251
Real-Time Control of Decentralized Autonomous Flexible Manufacturing Systems by Using Memory and Oblivion....Pages 252-259
Adaptive QoS Control Mechanism in Flexible Videoconference System....Pages 260-267
Multi-agent Architecture for Automating Satellite Control Operations Planning and Execution....Pages 268-275
Web-Based Agent System for Interworking Between Wired Network Devices and Mobile Devices....Pages 276-283
Load Protection Model Based on Intelligent Agent Regulation....Pages 284-291
Reserve Price Recommendation by Similarity-Based Time Series Analysis for Internet Auction Systems....Pages 292-299
Use of an Intelligent Agent for an E-Commerce Bargaining System....Pages 300-309
Automatic Classification for Grouping Designs in Fashion Design Recommendation Agent System....Pages 310-317
Agent Behaviour in Double Auction Electronic Market for Communication Resources....Pages 318-325
Using Prototypical Cases and Prototypicality Measures for Diagnosis of Dysmorphic Syndromes....Pages 326-333
ISOR: An Expert-System for Investigations of Therapy Inefficacy....Pages 334-341
Reengineering for Knowledge in Knowledge Based Systems....Pages 342-351
Knowledge Representation for Knowledge Based Leadership System....Pages 352-359
Modeling of the Vocational Suggestion with Restrictions (Graph Theory Approach)....Pages 360-367
Robust Eye Detection Method for Varying Environment Using Illuminant Context-Awareness....Pages 368-375
INMA: A Knowledge-Based Authoring Tool for Music Education....Pages 376-383
ALIMOS: A Middleware System for A ccessing Digital Music LI braries in MO bile S ervices....Pages 384-391
Personalization Method for Tourist Point of Interest (POI) Recommendation....Pages 392-400
Architecture of RETE Network Hardware Accelerator for Real-Time Context-Aware System....Pages 401-408
A Combination of Simulated Annealing and Ant Colony System for the Capacitated Location-Routing Problem....Pages 409-416
An Automatic Approach for Efficient Text Segmentation....Pages 417-424
Design and Configuration of a Machine Learning Component for User Profiling in a Declarative Design Environment....Pages 425-434
Emotional Intelligence: Constructing User Stereotypes for Affective Bi-modal Interaction....Pages 435-442
Garbage Collection in an Embedded Java Virtual Machine....Pages 443-450
Design of Flexible Authorization System and Small Memory Management for XML Data Protection on the Server....Pages 451-458
A Hybrid Heuristic Algorithm for HW-SW Partitioning Within Timed Automata....Pages 459-466
Performance Analysis of WAP Packet Transmission Time and Optimal Packet Size in Wireless Network....Pages 467-474
Using Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Sensor Routing Protocols....Pages 475-482
Design and Evaluation of a Rough Set-Based Anomaly Detection Scheme Considering Weighted Feature Values....Pages 483-489
ATM Based on SPMF....Pages 490-497
Using Rough Set to Induce More Abstract Rules from Rule Base....Pages 498-505
Dynamic Calculation Method of Degree of Association Between Concepts....Pages 506-514
Combining Fuzzy Cognitive Maps with Support Vector Machines for Bladder Tumor Grading....Pages 515-523
Image Classification by Fusion for High-Content Cell-Cycle Screening....Pages 524-531
Adaptive Context-Aware Filter Fusion for Face Recognition on Bad Illumination....Pages 532-541
A Study on Content Based Image Retrieval Using Template Matching of Wavelet Transform....Pages 542-549
Semantic Decomposition of LandSat TM Image....Pages 550-558
Vision-Based Semantic-Map Building and Localization....Pages 559-568
Merging and Arbitration Strategy for Robust Eye Location....Pages 569-581
Head Gesture Recognition Using Feature Interpolation....Pages 582-589
A Stereovision Based Advanced Airbag System....Pages 590-597
Context-Based Approach for Human Gesture Analysis....Pages 598-605
Adaptive Implicit-Camera Calibration in Photogrammetry Using Anfis....Pages 606-613
Applying A-Priori Knowledge for Compressing Digital Elevation Models....Pages 614-622
Evaluation of the Perceptual Performance of Fuzzy Image Quality Measures....Pages 623-630
A New Color Image Enhancement Algorithm for Camera-Equipped Mobile Telephone....Pages 631-638
Human Arm-Motion Classification Using Qualitative Normalised Templates....Pages 639-646
A Fuzzy Extension of Description Logic ALC with Comparison Expressions....Pages 647-654
A Distributed and Fuzzy Extension of Description Logics....Pages 655-662
Similarity Metrics for Set of Experience Knowledge Structure....Pages 663-670
Knowledge Management Based on Dynamic and Self-adjusting Fuzzy Models....Pages 671-678
Knowledge Based Tools to Support the Structural Design Process....Pages 679-686
Project Situations Aggregation to Identify Cooperative Problem Solving Strategies....Pages 687-697
Incorporating Semantics into GIS Applications....Pages 698-705
Intelligent Reduction of Tire Noise....Pages 706-713
Algorithms for Finding and Correcting Four Kinds of Data Mistakes in Information Table....Pages 714-719
Relevance Ranking of Intensive Care Nursing Narratives....Pages 720-727
Unification of Protein Data and Knowledge Sources....Pages 728-737
Ontology Fusion with Complex Mapping Patterns....Pages 738-745
Adaptive QoS for Using Multimedia in e-Learning....Pages 746-752
User-Centric Multimedia Information Visualization for Mobile Devices in the Ubiquitous Environment....Pages 753-762
DAWN – A System for Context-Based Link Recommendation in Web Navigation....Pages 763-770
Modeling Collaborators from Learner’s Viewpoint Reflecting Common Collaborative Learning Experience....Pages 771-779
A Multi-Criteria Programming Model for Intelligent Tutoring Planning....Pages 780-787
An Implementation of KSSL Recognizer for HCI Based on Post Wearable PC and Wireless Networks....Pages 788-797
Intelligent Multi-Modal Recognition Interface Using Voice-XML and Embedded KSSL Recognizer....Pages 798-807
Subband Adaptive Filters with Pre-whitening Scheme for Acoustic Echo Cancellation....Pages 808-816
A Noise Cancelling Technique Using Non-uniform Filter Banks and Its Implementation on FPGA....Pages 817-824
Spiking Neural Network Based Classification of Task-Evoked EEG Signals....Pages 825-832
Learning Control Via Neuro-Tabu-Fuzzy Controller....Pages 833-840
DSP Based Implementation of Current Mode Fuzzy Gain Scheduling of PI Controller for Single Phase UPS Inverter....Pages 841-849
Designing a Self-adaptive Union-Based Rule- Antecedent Fuzzy Controller Based on Two Step Optimization....Pages 850-857
Image-Based Robust Control of Robot Manipulators in the Presence of Uncertainty....Pages 858-865
Real Time Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robot Using Limit-Cycle and Vector Field Method....Pages 866-873
Developing Knowledge-Based Security-Sense of Networked Intelligent Robots....Pages 874-881
Autonomous Action Generation of Humanoid Robot from Natural Language....Pages 882-889
Robust Positioning a Mobile Robot with Active Beacon Sensors....Pages 890-897
The Implementation of an Improved Fingerprint Payment Verification System....Pages 898-905
Capacity Planning for Scalable Fingerprint Authentication....Pages 906-915
Security Analysis of Secure Password Authentication for Keystroke Dynamics....Pages 916-923
Security Techniques Based on EPC Gen2 Tag for Secure Mobile RFID Network Services....Pages 924-934
A Hardware Implementation of Lightweight Block Cipher for Ubiquitous Computing Security....Pages 935-942
Intelligent Environment for Training of Power Systems Operators....Pages 943-950
Building a Better Air Defence System Using Genetic Algorithms....Pages 951-959
Artificial Immune System-Based Customer Data Clustering in an e-Shopping Application....Pages 960-967
A GA Driven Intelligent System for Medical Diagnosis....Pages 968-975
Combined Gene Selection Methods for Microarray Data Analysis....Pages 976-983
Toward an Intelligent Local Web Search in Telematics....Pages 984-991
A Method of Recommending Buying Points for Internet Shopping Malls....Pages 992-1001
A Sensuous Association Method Using an Association Mechanism for Natural Machine Conversation....Pages 1002-1010
Motion-Based Interaction on the Mobile Device for User Interface....Pages 1011-1020
Role-Task Model for Advanced Task-Based Service Navigation System....Pages 1021-1028
A Discretization Algorithm That Keeps Positive Regions of All the Decision Classes....Pages 1029-1036
Forecasting Region Search of Moving Objects....Pages 1037-1042
An Index-Based Time-Series Subsequence Matching Under Time Warping....Pages 1043-1050
An Intrinsic Technique Based on Discrete Wavelet Decomposition for Analysing Phylogeny....Pages 1051-1058
Analysis of Selfish Behaviors on Door-to-Door Transport System....Pages 1059-1066
Fault-Tolerant Cluster Management Tool for Self-managing of Cluster DBMS....Pages 1067-1074
Speed Control of Averaged DC Motor Drive System by Using Neuro-PID Controller....Pages 1075-1082
Automatic Detection of SLS Violation Using Knowledge Based Systems....Pages 1083-1089
Two-Level Dynamic Programming Hardware Implementation for Real Time Processing....Pages 1090-1097
Towards the Formalization of Innovating Design: The TRIZ Example....Pages 1098-1105
The “5P” Apprenticeship Which Based the Chinese Traditional Culture....Pages 1106-1114
A Unified 2D Representation of Fuzzy Reasoning, CBR, and Experience Based Reasoning....Pages 1115-1123
MBR Compression in Spatial Databases Using Semi-Approximation Scheme....Pages 1124-1130
Annotations: A Way to Capture Experience....Pages 1131-1138
Cell-Based Distributed Index for Range Query Processing in Wireless Data Broadcast Systems....Pages 1139-1146
Genetic-Fuzzy Modeling on High Dimensional Spaces....Pages 1147-1154
Considering a Semantic Prefetching Scheme for Cache Management in Location-Based Services....Pages 1155-1162
A Unified Framework for u-Edutainment Development of Using e-Learning and Ubiquitous Technologies....Pages 1163-1170
Trace-Based Framework for Experience Management and Engineering....Pages 1171-1178
Neural Network Classification of Diesel Spray Images....Pages 1179-1189
Molecular Sequence Alignment for Extracting Answers for Where-Typed Questions from Google Snippets....Pages 1190-1197
Temperature Field Estimation for the Pistons of Diesel Engine 4112....Pages 1198-1205
Fuzzy and Neuro-fuzzy Techniques for Modelling and Control....Pages 1206-1215
Clustering for Data Matching....Pages 1216-1225
Intelligent Optical Otolith Classification for Species Recognition of Bony Fish....Pages 1226-1233
General Drawing of the Integrated Framework for Security Governance....Pages 1234-1241
A Study on the Rain Attenuation Prediction Model for Ubiquitous Computing Environments in Korea....Pages 1242-1249
A Framework for Ensuring Security in Ubiquitous Computing Environment Based on Security Engineering Approach....Pages 1250-1258
A Study on Development of Business Factor in Ubiquitous Technology....Pages 1259-1266
Design of a RFID-Based Ubiquitous Comparison Shopping System....Pages 1267-1283
Back Matter....Pages -

First 10 Pages Of the book

Comments Of The Book