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Nanophysics: Coherence and Transport 2005 book

Nanophysics: Coherence and Transport

Details Of The Book

Nanophysics: Coherence and Transport

Category: Physics
Authors: , , , ,   
ISBN : 9780444520548, 0444520546 
publisher: Elsevier Science 
publish year: 2005 
pages: 641 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 7 MB 

price : $13.77 17 With 19% OFF

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You can Download Nanophysics: Coherence and Transport Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Page xi

Seminar speakers
Page xiii

Pages xv-xviii

Pages xix-xxii
H. Bouchiat, Y. Gefen, S. Guéron, G. Montambaux, J. Dalibard

CouRse 1 Fundamental aspects of electron correlations and quantum transport in one-dimensional systems Original Research Article
Pages 1-108
Dmitrii L. Maslov

Seminar 1 Impurity in the tomonaga-luttinger model: A functional integral approach Original Research Article
Pages 109-127
I.V. Lerner, I.V. Yurkevich

Course 2 Novel phenomena in double layer two-dimensional electron systems Original Research Article
Pages 129-176
J.P. Eisenstein

Course 3 Many-body theory of non-equilibrium systems Original Research Article
Pages 177-246
Alex Kamenev

Course 4 Non-linear quantum coherence effects in driven mesoscopic systems Original Research Article
Pages 247-282
V.E. Kravtsov

Course 5 Noise in mesoscopic physics Original Research Article
Pages 283-359
T. Martin

Seminar 2 Higher moments of noise Original Research Article
Pages 361-382
Bertrand Reulet

Course 6 Electron subgap transport in hybrid systems combining superconductors with normal or ferromagnetic metals Original Research Article
Pages 383-426
F.W.J. Hekking

Course 7 Low-temperature transport through a quantum dot Original Research Article
Pages 427-478
Leonid I. Glazman, Michael Pustilnik

Seminar 3 Transport through quantum point contacts Original Research Article
Pages 479-493
Yigal Meir

Course 8 Transport at the atomic scale: Atomic and molecular contacts Original Research Article
Pages 495-535
A. Levy Yeyati, J.M. van Ruitenbeek

Course 9 Solid state quantum bit circuits Original Research Article
Pages 537-575
Daniel Estève, Denis Vion

Classical spins made by ferromagnetic π junctions
Pages 579-582
A. Bauer, C. Strunk, M.L. Della Rocca, T. Kontos, M. Aprili

Electronic transport in carbon nanotubes
Pages 583-584
R. Egger

Quantum physics in quantum dots
Pages 585-586
Klaus Ensslin

Interplay of coulomb and proximity effects in S-I-N nanostructures
Pages 587-588
M.V. Feigel\'man

Geometric phases in superconducting nanocircuits
Pages 589-590
Rosario Fazio

Decoherence in disordered conductors at low temperatures, the effect of soft local excitations
Pages 591-592
Y. Imry

Proximity induced and intrinsic superconductivity in long and short molecules
Pages 593-595
A.Yu. Kasumov, V.T. Volkov, I.I. Khodos, Yu.A. Kasumov, D.V. Klinov, M. Kociak, R. Deblock, S. Guéron, H. Bouchiat

Geometric phases in dissipative quantum
Pages 597-598
Yuriy Makhlin

Interacting electrons in metal nanostructures
Pages 599-601
D.C. Ralph

Inversion of DNA charge by a positive polymer and fractionalization of the polymer charge
Pages 603-604
B.I. Shklovskii

Spin-charge separation in quantum wires
Pages 605-607
A. Yacoby

First 10 Pages Of the book

Comments Of The Book