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Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems Driven by Vector Measures: Theory and Applications 2021 book

Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems Driven by Vector Measures: Theory and Applications

Details Of The Book

Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems Driven by Vector Measures: Theory and Applications

edition: 1 
Authors: ,   
ISBN : 3030821382, 9783030821388 
publisher: Springer 
publish year: 2021 
pages: 328 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 4 MB 

price : $8.64 12 With 28% OFF

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You can Download Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems Driven by Vector Measures: Theory and Applications Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

1 Mathematical Preliminaries
	1.1 Introduction
	1.2 Vector Space
	1.3 Normed Space
	1.4 Banach Space
	1.5 Measures and Measurable Functions
	1.6 Modes of Convergence and Lebesgue Integral
		1.6.1 Modes of Convergence
		1.6.2 Lebesgue Integral
	1.7 Selected Results From Measure Theory
	1.8 Special Hilbert and Banach Spaces
		1.8.1 Hilbert Spaces
		1.8.2 Special Banach Spaces
	1.9 Metric Space
	1.10 Banach Fixed Point Theorems
	1.11 Frequently Used Results From Analysis
	1.12 Bibliographical Notes
2 Linear Systems
	2.1 Introduction
	2.2 Representation of Solutions for TIS
		2.2.1 Classical System Models
		2.2.2 Impulsive System Models
	2.3 Representation of Solutions for TVS
		2.3.1 Classical System Models
		2.3.2 Measure Driven System Models
		2.3.3 Measure Induced Structural Perturbation
		2.3.4 Measure Driven Control Systems
	2.4 Bibliographical Notes
3 Nonlinear Systems
	3.1 Introduction
	3.2 Fixed Point Theorems for Multi-Valued Maps
	3.3 Regular Systems (Existence of Solutions)
	3.4 Impulsive Systems (Existence of Solutions)
		3.4.1 Classical Impulsive Models
		3.4.2 Systems Driven by Vector Measures
		3.4.3 Systems Driven by Finitely Additive Measures
	3.5 Differential Inclusions
	3.6 Bibliographical Notes
4 Optimal Control: Existence Theory
	4.1 Introduction
	4.2 Regular Controls
	4.3 Relaxed Controls
	4.4 Impulsive Controls I
	4.5 Impulsive Controls II
	4.6 Structural Control
	4.7 Differential Inclusions (Regular Controls)
	4.8 Differential Inclusions (Measure-Valued Controls)
	4.9 Systems Controlled by Discrete Measures
	4.10 Existence of Optimal Controls
	4.11 Bibliographical Notes
5 Optimal Control: Necessary Conditions of Optimality
	5.1 Introduction
	5.2 Relaxed Controls
		5.2.1 Discrete Control Domain
	5.3 Regular Controls
	5.4 Transversality Conditions
		5.4.1 Necessary Conditions Under State Constraints
	5.5 Impulsive and Measure-Valued Controls
		5.5.1 Signed Measures as Controls
		5.5.2 Vector Measures as Controls
	5.6 Convergence Theorem
	5.7 Implementability of Necessary Conditions of Optimality
		5.7.1 Discrete Measures
		5.7.2 General Measures
	5.8 Structural Controls
	5.9 Discrete Measures with Variable Supports as Controls
	5.10 Bibliographical Notes
6 Stochastic Systems Controlled by Vector Measures
	6.1 Introduction
	6.2 Conditional Expectations
	6.3 SDE Based on Brownian Motion
		6.3.1 SDE Driven by Vector Measures (Impulsive Forces)
	6.4 SDE Based on Poisson Random Processes
	6.5 Optimal Relaxed Controls
		6.5.1 Existence of Optimal Controls
		6.5.2 Necessary Conditions of Optimality
	6.6 Regulated (Filtered) Impulsive Controls
		6.6.1 Application to Special Cases
	6.7 Unregulated Measure-Valued Controls
		6.7.1 An Application
	6.8 Fully Observed Optimal State Feedback Controls
		6.8.1 Existence of Optimal State Feedback Laws
		6.8.2 Necessary Conditions of Optimality
	6.9 Partially Observed Optimal Feedback Controls
		6.9.1 Existence of Optimal Feedback Laws
		6.9.2 Necessary Conditions of Optimality
	6.10 Bellman's Principle of Optimality
	6.11 Bibliographical Notes
7 Applications to Physical Examples
	7.1 Numerical Algorithms
		7.1.1 Numerical Algorithm I
		7.1.2 Numerical Algorithm II
	7.2 Examples of Physical Systems
		7.2.1 Cancer Immunotherapy
		7.2.2 Geosynchronous Satellites
		7.2.3 Prey-Predator Model
		7.2.4 Stabilization of Building Maintenance Units
		7.2.5 An Example of a Stochastic System

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