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Pattern Recognition: 28th DAGM Symposium, Berlin, Germany, September 12-14, 2006. Proceedings 2006 book

Pattern Recognition: 28th DAGM Symposium, Berlin, Germany, September 12-14, 2006. Proceedings

Details Of The Book

Pattern Recognition: 28th DAGM Symposium, Berlin, Germany, September 12-14, 2006. Proceedings

Category: Algorithms and data structures: pattern recognition
edition: 1 
Authors: , , , , , ,   
serie: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4174 : Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Graphics 
publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 
publish year: 2006 
pages: 789 
language: English 
ebook format : DJVU (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 19 MB 

price : $12.48 16 With 22% OFF

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You can Download Pattern Recognition: 28th DAGM Symposium, Berlin, Germany, September 12-14, 2006. Proceedings Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter....Pages -
Ultrasound Image Denoising by Spatially Varying Frequency Compounding....Pages 1-10
Exploiting Low-Level Image Segmentation for Object Recognition....Pages 11-20
Wavelet Based Noise Reduction by Identification of Correlations....Pages 21-30
Template Based Gibbs Probability Distributions for Texture Modeling and Segmentation....Pages 31-40
Efficient Combination of Probabilistic Sampling Approximations for Robust Image Segmentation....Pages 41-50
Diffusion-Like Reconstruction Schemes from Linear Data Models....Pages 51-60
Reduction of Ring Artifacts in High Resolution X-Ray Microtomography Images....Pages 61-70
A Probabilistic Multi-phase Model for Variational Image Segmentation....Pages 71-80
Provably Correct Edgel Linking and Subpixel Boundary Reconstruction....Pages 81-90
The Edge Preserving Wiener Filter for Scalar and Tensor Valued Images....Pages 91-100
From Adaptive Averaging to Accelerated Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering....Pages 101-110
Introducing Dynamic Prior Knowledge to Partially-Blurred Image Restoration....Pages 111-121
On-Line, Incremental Learning of a Robust Active Shape Model....Pages 122-131
Using Irreducible Group Representations for Invariant 3D Shape Description....Pages 132-141
Shape Matching by Variational Computation of Geodesics on a Manifold....Pages 142-151
A Modification of the Level Set Speed Function to Bridge Gaps in Data....Pages 152-161
Generation and Initialization of Stable 3D Mass-Spring Models for the Segmentation of the Thyroid Cartilage....Pages 162-171
Preserving Topological Information in the Windowed Hough Transform for Rectangle Extraction....Pages 172-181
Fast Scalar and Vectorial Grayscale Based Invariant Features for 3D Cell Nuclei Localization and Classification....Pages 182-191
Integrating Recognition and Reconstruction for Cognitive Traffic Scene Analysis from a Moving Vehicle....Pages 192-201
Sparse Patch-Histograms for Object Classification in Cluttered Images....Pages 202-211
An Object-Oriented Approach Using a Top-Down and Bottom-Up Process for Manipulative Action Recognition....Pages 212-221
Detecting Intrinsically Two-Dimensional Image Structures Using Local Phase....Pages 222-231
Towards Unsupervised Discovery of Visual Categories....Pages 232-241
Cross-Articulation Learning for Robust Detection of Pedestrians....Pages 242-252
Analysis on a Local Approach to 3D Object Recognition....Pages 253-262
Phase Based 3D Texture Features....Pages 263-272
Learning of Graphical Models and Efficient Inference for Object Class Recognition....Pages 273-283
Properties of Patch Based Approaches for the Recognition of Visual Object Classes....Pages 284-293
Feature Selection for Automatic Image Annotation....Pages 294-303
Image Database Navigation on a Hierarchical MDS Grid....Pages 304-313
Linear vs. Nonlinear Feature Combination for Saliency Computation: A Comparison with Human Vision....Pages 314-323
Facial Expression Modelling from Still Images Using a Single Generic 3D Head Model....Pages 324-333
Extraction of Haar Integral Features on Omnidirectional Images: Application to Local and Global Localization....Pages 334-343
Model Selection in Kernel Methods Based on a Spectral Analysis of Label Information....Pages 344-353
Importance-Weighted Cross-Validation for Covariate Shift....Pages 354-363
Parameterless Isomap with Adaptive Neighborhood Selection....Pages 364-373
Efficient Algorithms for Similarity Measures over Sequential Data: A Look Beyond Kernels....Pages 374-383
Multi-scale Bayesian Based Horizon Matchings Across Faults in 3d Seismic Data....Pages 384-393
Robust MEG Source Localization of Event Related Potentials: Identifying Relevant Sources by Non-Gaussianity....Pages 394-403
Classifying Event-Related Desynchronization in EEG, ECoG and MEG Signals....Pages 404-413
Optimizing Spectral Filters for Single Trial EEG Classification....Pages 414-423
Probabilistic De Novo Peptide Sequencing with Doubly Charged Ions....Pages 424-433
Direct Estimation of the Wall Shear Rate Using Parametric Motion Models in 3D....Pages 434-443
On-Line Variational Estimation of Dynamical Fluid Flows with Physics-Based Spatio-temporal Regularization....Pages 444-454
Near Real-Time Motion Segmentation Using Graph Cuts....Pages 455-464
Segmentation-Based Motion with Occlusions Using Graph-Cut Optimization....Pages 465-474
Realtime Depth Estimation and Obstacle Detection from Monocular Video....Pages 475-484
3D Human Motion Sequences Synchronization Using Dense Matching Algorithm....Pages 485-494
Cloth X-Ray: MoCap of People Wearing Textiles....Pages 495-504
Unconstrained Multiple-People Tracking....Pages 505-514
Robust Non-rigid Object Tracking Using Point Distribution Manifolds....Pages 515-524
A Variational Approach to Joint Denoising, Edge Detection and Motion Estimation....Pages 525-535
Multi-step Multi-camera View Planning for Real-Time Visual Object Tracking....Pages 536-545
Nonparametric Density Estimation for Human Pose Tracking....Pages 546-555
Learning to Mimic Motion of Human Arm and Hand Grabbing for Constraint Adaptation....Pages 556-565
Visual Hand Posture Recognition in Monocular Image Sequences....Pages 566-575
Monocular Body Pose Estimation by Color Histograms and Point Tracking....Pages 576-586
Pose Estimation from Uncertain Omnidirectional Image Data Using Line-Plane Correspondences....Pages 587-596
Kernel Particle Filter for Visual Quality Inspection from Monocular Intensity Images....Pages 597-606
Monocular 3D Scene Reconstruction at Absolute Scales by Combination of Geometric and Real-Aperture Methods....Pages 607-616
An Effective Stereo Matching Algorithm with Optimal Path Cost Aggregation....Pages 617-626
Tracking Camera Parameters of an Active Stereo Rig....Pages 627-636
Handling Camera Movement Constraints in Reinforcement Learning Based Active Object Recognition....Pages 637-646
The Inversion Camera Model....Pages 647-656
Determining an Initial Image Pair for Fixing the Scale of a 3D Reconstruction from an Image Sequence....Pages 657-666
Multi-camera Radiometric Surface Modelling for Image-Based Re-lighting....Pages 667-676
A Multiple Graph Cut Based Approach for Stereo Analysis....Pages 677-687
Robust Variational Segmentation of 3D Objects from Multiple Views....Pages 688-697
Online Calibration of Two Zoom-Pan-Tilt Units for Planar Dynamic Events....Pages 698-707
Dense Stereo by Triangular Meshing and Cross Validation....Pages 708-717
Low-Cost Laser Range Scanner and Fast Surface Registration Approach....Pages 718-728
A Point-Based Approach to PDE-Based Surface Reconstruction....Pages 729-738
Robust Feature Representation for Efficient Camera Registration....Pages 739-749
Reconstruction of Façade Structures Using a Formal Grammar and RjMCMC....Pages 750-759
Stable Wave Detector of Blobs in Images....Pages 760-769
Back Matter....Pages -

Comments Of The Book