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Proceeding of the International Conference on Computer Networks, Big Data and IoT (ICCBI - 2018) 2020 book

Proceeding of the International Conference on Computer Networks, Big Data and IoT (ICCBI - 2018)

Details Of The Book

Proceeding of the International Conference on Computer Networks, Big Data and IoT (ICCBI - 2018)

edition: 1st ed. 2020 
Authors: , , ,   
serie: Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies 31 
ISBN : 9783030246426, 9783030246433 
publisher: Springer International Publishing 
publish year: 2020 
pages: 1096 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 82 MB 

price : $8.88 12 With 26% OFF

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You can Download Proceeding of the International Conference on Computer Networks, Big Data and IoT (ICCBI - 2018) Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter ....Pages i-xxii
A Review: Various Steering Conventions in MANET (Vaishali V. Sarbhukan, Lata Ragha)....Pages 1-11
End to End Network Connectivity Detection Using SNMP and CAM (R. Abhishek, N. Shivaprasad)....Pages 12-22
Multimodal Web Content Mining to Filter Non-learning Sites Using NLP (Sangita S. Modi, Sudhir B. Jagtap)....Pages 23-30
Towards Converging Fully Homomorphic Batch Encryption with Data Integrity Assurance in Cloud Setting (S. Hariharasitaraman, S. P. Balakannan)....Pages 31-40
Network Security: Approach Based on Network Traffic Prediction (Sheetal Thakare, Anshuman Pund, M. A. Pund)....Pages 41-55
Use of Evolutionary Algorithm in Regression Test Case Prioritization: A Review (Priyanka Paygude, Shashank D. Joshi)....Pages 56-66
Efficiency Improvement in Code Emulation by Soft Computing Technique (S. Prayla Shyry, M. Saranya, M. Mahithaa Sree)....Pages 67-75
Comparative Evaluation of Various Swarm Intelligence Techniques Designed for Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks (N. Shashank, H. L. Gururaj, S. P. Pavan Kumar)....Pages 76-85
Spatially Correlated Cluster in a Dense Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey (Utkarsha S. Pacharaney, Rajiv Kumar Gupta)....Pages 86-93
Comprehensive Survey on Detection of Living or Dead Humans and Animals Using Different Approaches (C. A. Pooja, P. Vamshika, Rithika B. Jain, Vishal K. Jain, H. T. Chethana)....Pages 94-100
A Study on Rough Indices in Information Systems with Fuzzy or Intuitionistic Fuzzy Decision Attributes-Two Thresholds Approach (B. Venkataramana, L. Padmasree, M. Srinivasa Rao, G. Ganesan)....Pages 101-107
Proactive Decision Making Based IoT Framework for an Oil Pipeline Transportation System (E. B. Priyanka, C. Maheswari, S. Thangavel)....Pages 108-119
Analysis of Mirai Botnet Malware Issues and Its Prediction Methods in Internet of Things (K. Vengatesan, Abhishek Kumar, M. Parthibhan, Achintya Singhal, R. Rajesh)....Pages 120-126
Contagious Diseases Prediction in Healthcare Over Big Data (Nkundimana Joel Gakwaya, S. Manju Priya)....Pages 127-132
Securing Data with Selective Encryption Based DAC Scheme for MANET (J. Nithyapriya, R. Anandha Jothi, V. Palanisamy)....Pages 133-139
Railway Surface Crack Detection System Based on Intensity Loss of UV Radiation (S. Aarthi, Aravind Mohan, P. Karthik, Anurag Thakur)....Pages 140-146
Urban IoT Implementation for Smart Cities (Aparna Menon, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 147-155
Review of Cloud-Based Natural Language Processing Services and Tools for Chatbots (Ayan Ray, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 156-162
Weighted Trilateration and Centroid Combined Indoor Localization in Wifi Based Sensor Network (T. Rajasundari, A. Balaji Ganesh, A. HariPrakash, V. Ramji, A. Lakshmi Sangeetha)....Pages 163-172
Comparison of Various Wearable Activity Trackers (Tanvi Nikam, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 173-179
Review on Security Problems of Bitcoin (Parmeet Singh Pannu, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 180-184
Review of Security Systems in Vehicles (Kritika Ramawat, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 185-191
Machine Learning Algorithms in Stock Market Prediction (Jayesh Potdar, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 192-197
Review of Data Protection Technique (Divyang Kaushik, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 198-203
Review of Blind Navigation Systems (Anubha Mishra, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 204-210
Analyzing DFA Attack on AES-192 (Tadepalli Sarada Kiranmayee, S. P. Maniraj, Aakanksha Thakur, M. Bhagyashree, Richa Gupta)....Pages 211-218
A Comparative Study on Data Stream Clustering Algorithms (Twinkle Keshvani, Madhu Shukla)....Pages 219-230
Biometric Voting System (Abhilash Akula, Jeshwanth Ega, Kalyan Thota, Gowtham)....Pages 231-235
Implement Improved Intrusion Detection System Using State Preserving Extreme Learning Machine (SPELM) (Kunal Singh, K. James Mathai)....Pages 236-246
Address Resolution Protocol Based Attacks: Prevention and Detection Schemes (D. Francis Xavier Christopher, C. Divya)....Pages 247-256
Enabling Technologies for Internet of Vehicles (Shridevi Jeevan Kamble, Manjunath R. Kounte)....Pages 257-268
Video Based Silent Speech Recognition (V. Sangeetha, Judith Justin, A. Mahalakshmi)....Pages 269-277
In Search of the Future Technologies: Fusion of Machine Learning, Fog and Edge Computing in the Internet of Things (Soumyalatha Naveen, Manjunath R. Kounte)....Pages 278-285
Recognition of Characters in a Securely Transmitted Medical Image (S. Manisha, T. Sree Sharmila)....Pages 286-292
Educational Data Mining Survey for Predicting Student’s Academic Performance (Sharayu N. Bonde, D. K. Kirange)....Pages 293-302
RFID Based Patient Record Management Information System Using LabVIEW (A. Mahalakshmi, R. Vanithamani)....Pages 303-311
Client-Controlled HECC-as-a-Service (HaaS) (T. Devi, N. Deepa, K. Jaisharma)....Pages 312-318
A Non-Adjacent Form (NAF) Based ECC for Scalar Multiplication that Assure Computation Reduction on Outsourcing (R. Menaka, R. S. D. Wahida Banu)....Pages 319-326
Secure and Energy Efficient Based Healthcare Data Transmission Wireless Sensor Network (R. Sivaranjani, A. V. Senthil Kumar)....Pages 327-333
IOT Based Demand Side Management of a Micro-grid (Leo Raju, S. Sangeetha, V. Balaji)....Pages 334-341
Real Time Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Product Reviews Using Naive Bayes Classifier (Khushboo Gajbhiye, Neetesh Gupta)....Pages 342-350
A Dynamic Security Model for Visual Cryptography and Digital Watermarking (K. Chitra, V. Prasanna Venkatesan)....Pages 351-357
Systematic Approach Towards Sentiment Analysis in Online Review’s (Hemantkumar B. Jadhav, Amitkumar B. Jadhav)....Pages 358-369
A Generic Model for Scheduling IoT Jobs at the Edge (S. S. Boomiga, V. Prasanna Venkatesan)....Pages 370-377
A Survey on Different Methodologies Involved in Falling, Fire and Smoke Detection Using Image Processing (P. Niveditha, S. Manasa, C. A. Nikhitha, Hitesh R. Gowda, M. Natesh)....Pages 378-384
A Study of Deep Learning: Architecture, Algorithm and Comparison (S. T. Shenbagavalli, D. Shanthi)....Pages 385-391
Advanced Access Control Mechanism for Cloud Based E-wallet (N. Ch. Ravi, Naresh Babu Muppalaneni, R. Sridevi, V. Kamakshi Prasad, A. Govardhan, Joshi Padma)....Pages 392-399
Novel Pentagonal Shape Meander Fractal Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications (Sheetal Bukkawar, Vasif Ahmed)....Pages 400-408
Gas Leakage Detection Device [GLDD] Using IoT with SMS Alert ( Leena, Monisha, M. Dakshayini, P. Jayarekha)....Pages 409-416
Detection of Primary Glaucoma in Humans Using Simple Linear Iterative Clustering (SLIC) Algorithm (G. Pavithra, T. C. Manjunath, Dharmanna Lamani)....Pages 417-428
Application of Stream Cipher and Hash Function in Network Security (Aaditya Jain, Neha Mangal)....Pages 429-435
Interactive Video Gaming with Internet of Things (Yellamma Pachipala, C. Madhav Bharadwaj, Pakalapati Narendra, G. Leela Sree, K. Praveen Reddy)....Pages 436-445
Big Data Challenges and Issues: A Review (Akanksha Mathur, C. P. Gupta)....Pages 446-452
Set Based Similarity Measure for User Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation System (K. V. Uma, M. Deepika, Vairam Sujitha)....Pages 453-461
An IOT Based Weather Monitoring System to Prevent and Alert Cauvery Delta District of Tamilnadu, India (R. Murugan, R. Karthika devi, Anitha Juliette Albert, Deepak Kumar Nayak)....Pages 462-469
Summarization of User Reviews on E-Commerce Websites Using Hidden Markov Model (T. Pradeep, M. R. Sai Shibi, P. Manikandan, Misiriya Shahul Hameed, R. Arockia Xavier Annie)....Pages 470-482
Multimedia Data Retrieval Using Data Mining Image Pixle Comparison Techniques (D. Saravanan)....Pages 483-489
Generative Adversarial Networks: A Survey of Techniques and Methods (Mohammad Omar Khursheed, Danish Saeed, Asad Mohammed Khan)....Pages 490-498
Natural Language Interface for Relational Database (Priyanka More, Bharti Kudale, Pranali Deshmukh)....Pages 499-505
Security Analysis on Remote User Authentication Methods (Mukesh Soni, Tejas Patel, Anuj Jain)....Pages 506-513
Human Tracking System Based on GPS and IOT (Internet of Things) (Sonam Priyanka, Sandip Dutta, Soubhik Chakraborty)....Pages 514-521
Review on Mechanisms to Ensure Confidentiality and Integrity of the Data in Cloud Storage (Niharika Srivastav, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 522-528
Review: Cloud Task Scheduling and Load Balancing (N. Manikandan, A. Pravin)....Pages 529-539
Classification of Encryption Algorithms Based on Ciphertext Using Pattern Recognition Techniques (T. Kavitha, O. Rajitha, K. Thejaswi, Naresh Babu Muppalaneni)....Pages 540-545
Smart Garbage Bin (G. Akshay, V. Shivakarthika, M. Dakshayini)....Pages 546-551
AI BOT: An Intelligent Personal Assistant (A. Shanthini, Chirag Prasad Rao, G. Vadivu)....Pages 552-559
A Comprehensive Study on Data Management Solutions to Internet of Things (IoT) Based Applications (K. Revathi, A. Samydurai)....Pages 560-570
Traffic Prediction Using Decision Tree Classifier in Hive Metastore (D. Suvitha, M. Vijayalakshmi)....Pages 571-578
Preventing Credit Card Fraud Using Dual Layer Security (Johnson Inbaraj, Mukeshkannan, Arun, Pradeep Kandasamy)....Pages 579-584
A Network Analysis of the Contributions of Kerala in the Field of Mathematical Research Over the Last Three Decades (K. Reji Kumar, Shibu Manuel)....Pages 585-590
SoC Based Acoustic Controlled Semi Autonomous Driving System (A. K. Veeraraghavan, S. Ranga Charan)....Pages 591-599
Deep Incremental Learning for Big Data Stream Analytics (Suja A. Alex, J. Jesu Vedha Nayahi)....Pages 600-614
Internet of Things Based Reliable Real-Time Disease Monitoring of Poultry Farming Imagery Analytics (S. Balachandar, R. Chinnaiyan)....Pages 615-620
Impacts of Non-linear Effects in DWDM Based Fiber Optic Communication System (S. Esther Jenifa, K. Gokulakrishnan)....Pages 621-629
Envisagation and Analysis of Mosquito Borne Fevers: A Health Monitoring System by Envisagative Computing Using Big Data Analytics (G. Sabarmathi, R. Chinnaiyan)....Pages 630-636
Session Layer Security Enhancement Using Customized Protocol and Strong Cryptographic Mechanism (Aaditya Jain, Sunil Nama)....Pages 637-644
Simulation of VANET Using Pointer Base Replacement Mechanism (Aaditya Jain, Adarsh Acharya)....Pages 645-653
Splicing Detection Technique for Images (Smita A. Nagtode, Shrutika A. Korde)....Pages 654-660
An Optimized Data Classifier Model Based Diagnosis and Recurrence Predictions of Gynecological Cancer for Clinical Decision Support System (B. Nithya, V. Ilango)....Pages 661-669
Ant Colony Optimization Techniques – An Enhancement to Energy Efficiency in WSNs (Kalpna Guleria, Anil Kumar Verma)....Pages 670-677
Overview on Cyber Security Threats Involved in the Implementation of Smart Grid in Countries like India (Venkatesh Kumar, Prince Inbaraj)....Pages 678-684
“IoT Based Medical Diagnosis Expert System Application” (D. Shanthi, A. Lalitha, G. Lokeshwari)....Pages 685-692
RGB Component Encryption of Video Using AES-256 Bit Key (N. Geetha, K. Mahesh)....Pages 693-700
A Generic Approach for Video Indexing (N. Gayathri, K. Mahesh)....Pages 701-708
Energy Aware Routing Applications for Internet of Things (S. Santiago, L. Arockiam)....Pages 709-714
Methods for Finding Brain Diseases Like Epilepsy and Alzheimers (Sasikumar Gurumurthy, Naresh Babu Muppalaneni, G. Chandra Sekhar)....Pages 715-719
Ameliorated Domain Adaptation Using Adaptive Classification Algorithm (P. Kola Sujatha, S. Swetha, V. Priyadharshini)....Pages 720-736
Fault Tolerance Clustering of Scientific Workflow with Resource Provisioning in Cloud (Ponsy R. K. Sathiabhama, B. Pavithra, J. Chandra Priya)....Pages 737-751
IoT Based Air Quality Monitoring Systems - A Survey (Sumi Neogi, Yugchhaya Galphat, Pritesh Narkar, Harsha Punjabi, Manohar Jethani)....Pages 752-758
Cognitive Radio: An NN-PSO Approach Network Selection and Fast Delivery Handover Route 5G LTE Network (Shipra Mishra, Swapnil Nema)....Pages 759-770
Bluetooth Enabled Electronic Gloves for Hand Gesture Recognition (R. Helen Jenefa, K. Gokulakrishnan)....Pages 771-777
Smart Trolley with Automatic Master Follower and Billing System (R Dhianeswar, M Gowtham, S Sumathi)....Pages 778-791
Biometric Image Processing Recognition in Retinal Eye Using Machine Learning Technique (J. P. Gururaj, T. A. Ashok Kumar)....Pages 792-800
Energy Efficient Dynamic Slot Allocation of Map Reduce Tasks for Big Data Applications (Radha Senthilkumar, S. Saranya)....Pages 801-810
Blockchain Centered Homomorphic Encryption: A Secure Solution for E-Balloting (J. Chandra Priya, Ponsy R. K. Sathia Bhama, S. Swarnalaxmi, A. Aisathul Safa, I. Elakkiya)....Pages 811-819
Hybrid HSW Based Zero Watermarking for Tampering Detection of Text Contents (Fatek Saeed, Anurag Dixit)....Pages 820-826
Secure Two-Phase Decentralized Data Deduplication with Assured Deletion in Multi User Environment (Amolkumar N. Jadhav, Pravin B. More, Yogesh S. Lubal, Vishal S. Walunj)....Pages 827-835
People, Technologies, and Organizations Interactions in a Social Commerce Era (Maruti Maurya, Milind Gayakwad)....Pages 836-849
Plant Disease Detection System for Agricultural Applications in Cloud Using SVM and PSO (P. Kumar, S. Raghavendran)....Pages 850-856
Enhanced Data Security Architecture in Enterprise Networks (V Rashmi Shree, Zachariah C. F. Antony, N. Jayapandian)....Pages 857-864
Cloud Virtualization with Data Security: Challenges and Opportunities (Joshua Johnson Abraham, Christy Sunny, Anlin Assisi, N. Jayapandian)....Pages 865-872
Data Mining Approach for News Inspection on Social Media: A Survey (Yugchhaya Galphat, Heena Banga, Isha Dalvi, Priya Jethmalani, Shraddha Talreja)....Pages 873-880
Knowledge Discovery from Mental Health Data (Shahidul Islam Khan, Ariful Islam, Taiyeb Ibna Zahangir, Abu Sayed Md. Latiful Hoque)....Pages 881-888
Factors Influencing the Scholars Acceptance of Course Recommender System: A Case Study (Zameer Gulzar, L. Arun Raj, A. Anny Leema)....Pages 889-895
Secure User Authentication Using Honeywords (S. Palaniappan, V. Parthipan, S. Stewart kirubakaran, R. Johnson)....Pages 896-903
A Secured Architecture for IoT Healthcare System (A. Vithya Vijayalakshmi, L. Arockiam)....Pages 904-911
Topic Based Temporal Generative Short Text Clustering (E. S. Smitha, S. Sendhilkumar, G. S. Mahalakshmi, S. Krithika Sanju)....Pages 912-922
Review of Reinforcement Learning Techniques (Mohit Malpani, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 923-927
Machine Learning Algorithms for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (Richaa Negi, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 928-932
Review of Data Security Frameworks for Secure Cloud Computing (Kunaal Umrigar, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 933-941
Review of Convolutional Neural Network in Video Classification (Gaurav Talreja, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 942-947
Smart Home Automation Systems (Ritik Hinger, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 948-952
A Survey on Attacks of Bitcoin (Janhvi Joshi, Rejo Mathew)....Pages 953-959
Enotes: Note Taking Tool for Online Learners (R. Sujatha, R. Vijayalakshmi, Surya Santhosh Prabhakar, Prabhakar Krishnamoorthy)....Pages 960-967
Biometric Passport Security Using Encrypted Biometric Data Encoded in the HCC2D Code (Ziaul Haque Choudhury, M. Munir Ahamed Rabbani)....Pages 968-975
Survey and Analysis of Pest Detection in Agricultural Field (Yugchhaya Galphat, Vedika R. Patange, Pooja Talreja, Somil Singh)....Pages 976-983
Object Detection Using Convex Clustering – A Survey (Madhura P. Divakara, Keerthi V. Trimal, Adithi Krishnan, V. Karthik)....Pages 984-990
Advanced Load Balancing Min-Min Algorithm in Grid Computing (Menka Raushan, Annmary K. Sebastian, M. G. Apoorva, N. Jayapandian)....Pages 991-997
Smart Navigation Application for Visually Challenged People in Indoor Premises (Ganesh Kotalwar, Jigisha Prajapati, Sharayu Patil, Dilip Moralwar, Kajal Jewani)....Pages 998-1004
Orisyncrasy - An Ear Biometrics on the Fly Using Machine Learning Techniques (Hitesh Valecha, Varkha Ahuja, Labhesh Valechha, Tarun Chawla, Sharmila Sengupta)....Pages 1005-1016
A Comprehensive Study of Various Techniques Used for Flood Prediction (Sagar Madnani, Sahil Bhatia, Kajal Sonawane, Sukhwinder Singh, Sunita Sahu)....Pages 1017-1031
Data Analytics in Steganography (T. Vijetha, T. Ravinder)....Pages 1032-1034
Users’ Search Satisfaction in Search Engine Optimization (Ramaraj Palanisamy, Yifan Liu)....Pages 1035-1045
Brain Tumour Identification Through MRI Images Using Convolution Neural Networks (N. Jagan Mohana Rao, B. Anil Kumar)....Pages 1046-1053
An Efficient Worm Detection System Using Multi Feature Analysis and Classification Techniques (B Leelavathi, Rajesh M Babu)....Pages 1054-1064
Digital Marketing Framework Strategies Through Big Data (Samee Sayyad, Arif Mohammed, Vikrant Shaga, Abhishek Kumar, K. Vengatesan)....Pages 1065-1073
Back Matter ....Pages 1075-1078

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