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Re-treating religion : deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy 2012 book

Re-treating religion : deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy

Details Of The Book

Re-treating religion : deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy

edition: 1 
Authors: , , , ,   
serie: Perspectives in continental philosophy 
ISBN : 0823234649, 0823234657 
publisher: Fordham University Press 
publish year: 2012 
pages: 416 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 5 MB 

price : $14.96 17 With 12% OFF

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You can Download Re-treating religion : deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Content: Preamble: In the midst of the world, or, why deconstruct Christianity? / Jean-Luc Nancy --
Re-opening the question of religion : dis-enclosure of religion and modernity in the philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy / Alena Alexandrova, Ignaas Devisch, Laurens ten Kate, and Aukje van Rooden --
pt. I. Christianity and secularization, or, how are we to think a deconstruction of Christianity? Intermezzo / Ignaas Devisch --
The self-deconstruction of Christianity / François Raffoul --
Deconstruction or destruction? Comments on Jean-Luc Nancy's theory of Christianity / Marc De Kesel --
Sense, existence, and justice, or, how are we to live in a secular world? / Ignaas Devisch an Kathleen Vandeputte --
Between all and nothing : the affective dimension of political bonds / Theo W.A. de Wit --
pt. II. Monotheism, God. Intermezzo / Laurens ten Kate --
Winke : divine topoi in Nancy, Hölderlin, and Heidegger / Hent de Vries --
God passing by : presence and absence in monotheism and atheism / Laurens ten Kate --
Thinking alterity --
in one or two? Nancy's Christianity compared with Lyotard's Judaism / Frans van Peperstraten. The excess of reason and the return of religion : transcendence of Christian monotheism in Nancy's Dis-enclosure / Donald Loose --
pt. III. Creation, myth, sense, poiēsis. Intermezzo / Aukje van Rooden --
"My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Demythologized prayer, or, the poetic invocation of God / Aukje van Rooden --
Literary creation, creation ex nihilo / Michel Lisse --
The God between / Anne O'Byrne --
The immemorial : the deconstruction of Christianity, starting from "Visitation: of Christian painting" / Daniela Calabrò --
pt. IV. Body, image, incarnation, art. Intermezzo / Alena Alexandrova --
Incarnation and infinity / Ian James --
Ontology of creation : the onto-aisthetics of Jean-Luc Nancy / Boyan Manchev --
Distinct art / Alena Alexandrova --
The dis-enclosure of contemporary art : an underpinning work / Federico Ferrari --
On dis-enclosure and its gesture, adoration : a concluding dialogue with Jean-Luc Nancy / Jean-Luc Nancy and the editors.

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Comments Of The Book