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Reconfigurable Antenna Design and Analysis 2021 book

Reconfigurable Antenna Design and Analysis

Details Of The Book

Reconfigurable Antenna Design and Analysis

ISBN : 1630817074, 9781630817077 
publisher: Artech House Publishers 
publish year: 2021 
pages: 275 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 11 MB 

price : $15.3 18 With 15% OFF

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You can Download Reconfigurable Antenna Design and Analysis Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Reconfigurable Antenna
Design and Analysis
Introduction to Reconfigurable Antennas
		1.1 Application Domains
		1.2 The Basics of Reconfigurable Antennas
		1.3 Types of Antenna Reconfiguration
			1.3.1	Frequency Reconfiguration
			1.3.2 Pattern Reconfiguration
			1.3.3 Polarization Reconfiguration
Fundamental Definitions of Antenna Parameters
		2.1 Radiation Patterns
		2.2 Input Impedance, Voltage Standing-Wave Ratio, and Return Loss
		2.3 Bandwidth
		2.4 Directivity, Gain, and Realized Gain
		2.5 The Friis Transmission Formula
		2.6 Polarization
		2.7 The Wheeler Cap Method of Antenna Efficiency Measurement
		2.8 Isolation Between Antennas in a System
		2.9 MIMO Antenna Metrics
Overview of RF/Microwave Switches
		3.1 Introduction
		3.2 The PIN Diode Switch
		3.3 The RF MEMS Switch
		3.4 The Varactor Diode Switch
		3.5 Other Types of RF/Microwave Switches
		3.6 Switching Circuits and Their Responses
			3.6.1 Series Switch
			3.6.2 Shunt Switch
			3.6.3 Series-Shunt Switch
		3.7 	Concluding Remarks
Basic Antenna Configurations
		4.1 The Dipole Antenna
			4.1.1 The Thin-Wire Dipole Antenna
			4.1.2 Feeding or Exciting a Dipole Antenna
			4.1.3 Dipole Operation Against a Metal Reflector
			4.1.4 Dipole Against an EBG Structure
			4.1.5 Miniaturized Antennas: Meander and Zigzag Dipoles
		4.2 The Thin-Wire Monopole Antenna
			4.2.1 Monopole Input Impedance
			4.2.2 Monopole Radiation Properties
			4.2.3 Monopole Properties: Ground Plane Effects
			4.2.4 The Inverted-L Antenna (ILA)
		4.3 The Loop Antenna
			4.3.1 The Small Loop Antenna
			4.3.2 The Resonant Loop Antenna
			4.3.3 The Resonant Loop Against a Metal Reflector
		4.4 The Microstrip Patch Antenna
			4.4.1 The Rectangular Patch Antenna
			4.4.2 The Shorted Quarter-Wave Patch Antenna
		4.5 The Inverted-F Antenna
			4.5.1 The Planar Inverted-F Antenna
			4.5.2 The IFA
		4.6 The Slot Antenna
Frequency and Polarization Reconfiguration
		5.1 Frequency Reconfigurable Patch Antennas
			5.1.1 PIN Diode Reconfigurable Patch Antenna and Arrays
			5.1.2 PIN Diode Reconfigurable Transmitter Patch Antenna
			5.1.3 Frequency Reconfigurable U-Slot Patch Antenna Using a Trimmer Capacitor
			5.1.4 Reconfigurable Patch-Slot Antenna Using PIN Diode
			5.1.5 Frequency and Pattern Reconfigurable Patch Antenna Using the PIN Diode
		5.2 Polarization Reconfigurable Patch Antenna
			5.2.1 Patch Antenna with Switchable Slots (PASS) Circular Polarization
			5.2.2 Frequency and Polarization Reconfigurable Patch Antenna
			5.2.3 Frequency and Circular Polarization Reconfigurable Patch Antenna
		5.3 Reconfigurable Slot Antennas
			5.3.1 UHF-Band PIN Diode Reconfigurable Slot Antenna
			5.3.2 Reconfigurable Folded Slot Antenna
		5.4 MEMS Reconfigurable Antennas
			5.4.1 Monolithic MEMS Reconfigurable Patch Antennas
			5.4.2 Discrete MEMS Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna
		5.5 Reconfigurable Dipole, Monopole-Type Antennas
			5.5.1 Frequency Reconfigurable Bow-Tie Antenna
			5.5.2 Reconfigurable Antenna Using a Photoconductive Switch
			5.5.3 Pattern and Frequency Reconfigurable Yagi Antenna
		5.6 The Reconfigurable Antenna Aperture (RECAP)
		5.7 More Examples of Frequency Reconfigurable Antennas
		5.8 Concluding Remarks
Pattern Reconfiguration
		6.1 The Yagi-Uda Array
		6.2 Pattern Reconfigurable Yagi-Uda Arrays
			6.2.1 Reconfigurable Printed Microstrip Yagi-Uda Dipole Array
			6.2.2 Reconfigurable Yagi-Uda Array
		6.3 Pattern Reconfigurable Parasitic Dipole Arrays
			6.3.1 Reactively Controlled Dipole Array
			6.3.2 Reactively Controlled Monopole Array
			6.3.3 Switched Parasitic Dipole Array
		6.4 Reconfigurable Parasitic Patch Array
			6.4.1 An ESPAR Patch Antenna Array
			6.4.2 An Aperture-Coupled ESPAR Patch Antenna Array
			6.4.3 A Frequency and Pattern Reconfigurable Pixelled Monopole Antenna
		6.5 Series-Fed Patch Phased Array
		6.6 Beam Steering Colinear Dipole Array
		6.7 Other Examples of Pattern Reconfigurable Antennas
Basic Scanning Antenna Array Design
		7.1 Introduction
		7.2 Mathematical Perspectives
		7.3 Phase Shifter Fundamentals
			7.3.1 Switched Line Phase Shifter
			7.3.2 Quadrature Phase Shifter or Reflective Phase Shifter
			7.3.3 Loaded Line Phase Shifter
		7.4 Linear Microstrip Patch Scanning Array Example
			7.4.1 Simple Phase Shifter and Beam Scanning Example
			7.4.2 Beam-Scanning Examples at Additional Angles
		7.5 Phase Shifter and Phased Array Examples
Switch Biasing and Other Considerations
		8.1  DC Biasing of PIN Diode Switches
			8.1.1 Examples of PIN Diode Switch Biasing
		8.2 DC Biasing of Varactor Diode Switches
			8.2.1 Examples of Varactor Diode Biasing
		8.3 DC Biasing of RF MEMS Switches
			8.3.1 Examples of RF MEMS Switch Biasing
		8.4 DC Biasing of Other Types of Switches
		8.5 Concluding Remarks
Modeling and Simulation of Reconfigurable Antennas
		9.1 Reconfigurable Antenna Simulation Consisting of PIN Diodes
			9.1.1 Examples of PIN Diode Reconfigurable Antenna Simulations
		9.2 Reconfigurable Antenna Simulation Consisting of Varactor Diodes
			9.2.1 Examples of Varactor Diode Reconfigurable Antenna Simulations
		9.3 Reconfigurable Antenna Simulation Using RF MEMS Switches
			9.3.1 Examples of MEMS Reconfigurable Antenna Simulations
		9.4 Other Reconfigurable Antenna Simulation Examples
		9.5 Concluding Remarks
MIMO Reconfigurable Antennas
		10.1 MIMO Antenna Parameters
		10.2 Examples of MIMO Antennas
		10.3 Mutual Coupling and Coupling Reduction Techniques
		10.4 Conclusion
Reconfigurable Antennas for Cognitive Radio, Millimeter-Wave 5G, and Other Applications
		11.1 Reconfigurable Antennas for Cognitive Radio
		11.2 Millimeter-Wave Reconfigurable Antennas
		11.3 Reconfigurable Antennas for Sub-6-GHz 5G Applications
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