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Serverless Architectures with Kubernetes: Create production-ready Kubernetes clusters and run serverless applications on them 2019 book

Serverless Architectures with Kubernetes: Create production-ready Kubernetes clusters and run serverless applications on them

Details Of The Book

Serverless Architectures with Kubernetes: Create production-ready Kubernetes clusters and run serverless applications on them

Category: programming
Authors: ,   
ISBN : 1838983279, 9781838983277 
publisher: Packt Publishing 
publish year: 2019 
pages: 475 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 30 MB 

price : $8.4 10 With 16% OFF

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You can Download Serverless Architectures with Kubernetes: Create production-ready Kubernetes clusters and run serverless applications on them Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Serverless
	Introduction to Serverless
		Serverless Origin and Manifesto
		Serverless Use Cases
	Serverless Architecture and Function as a Service (FaaS)
		Function as a Service (FaaS)
		Exercise 1: Creating an HTTP Function
	Kubernetes and Serverless
		Exercise 2: Packaging an HTTP Function as a Container
		Exercise 3: Parameterized HTTP Functions
		Activity 1: Twitter Bot Backend for Bike Points in London
Chapter 2: Introduction to Serverless in the Cloud
		Serverless and the Cloud Evaluation Criteria
		AWS Lambda
		Exercise 4: Creating a Function in AWS Lambda and Invoking It via the AWS Gateway API
		Azure Functions
		Exercise 5: Creating a Parameterized Function in Azure Functions
		Google Cloud Functions
		Exercise 6: Creating a Scheduled Function in GCF
		Activity 2: Daily Stand-Up Meeting Reminder Function for Slack
Chapter 3: Introduction to Serverless Frameworks
	Fn Framework
		Exercise 7: Getting Started with the Fn Framework
		Exercise 8: Running Functions in the Fn Framework
	The Serverless Framework
		Exercise 9: Running Functions with the Serverless Framework
		Activity 3: Daily Weather Status Function for Slack
Chapter 4: Kubernetes Deep Dive
	Introduction to Kubernetes
	Kubernetes Design and Components
		Exercise 10: Starting a Local Kubernetes Cluster
	Kubernetes Client Tool: kubectl
		Exercise 11: Accessing Kubernetes Clusters Using the Client Tool: kubectl
	Kubernetes Resources
		Job and CronJob
		Exercise 12: Installing a Stateful MySQL Database and Connecting inside Kubernetes
		Activity 4: Collect Gold Prices in a MySQL Database in Kubernetes
Chapter 5: Production-Ready Kubernetes Clusters
	Kubernetes Setup
		Managed Platforms
		Turnkey Platforms
		Custom Platforms
	Google Kubernetes Engine
		Exercise 13: Creating a Kubernetes Cluster on GCP
	Autoscaling Kubernetes Clusters
		Exercise 14: Autoscaling a GKE Cluster in Production
	Application Migration in Kubernetes Clusters
		Exercise 15: Migrating Applications Running in a GKE Cluster
		Activity 5: Minimizing the Costs of Serverless Functions in a GKE Cluster
Chapter 6: Upcoming Serverless Features in Kubernetes
	Introduction to Serverless with Kubernetes
		Introduction to Knative
		Getting Started with Knative on GKE
		Exercise 16: Deploying a Sample Application on Knative
	Knative Serving Component
		Canary Deployment
		Exercise 17: Canary Deployment with Knative
	Knative Monitoring
	Knative Autoscaler
		Exercise 18: Autoscaling with Knative
		Google Cloud Run
		Exercise 19: Deploying Containers on Google Cloud Run
	Introduction to Virtual Kubelet
		Exercise 20: Deploying Virtual Kubelet on AKS
		Activity 6: Deploy a Containerized Application in a Serverless Environment
Chapter 7: Kubernetes Serverless with Kubeless
	Introduction to Kubeless
		Kubeless Architecture
	Creating a Kubernetes Cluster
		Creating a Kubernetes Cluster with Minikube
	Installing Kubeless
		Installing the Kubeless Framework
		Installing the Kubeless CLI
		The Kubeless UI
	Kubeless Functions
		Creating a Kubeless Function
		Deploying the Kubeless Function
		Listing the Kubeless Function
		Invoking the Kubeless Function
		Updating the Kubeless Function
		Deleting the Kubeless Function
		Exercise 21: Creating Your First Kubeless Function
	Kubeless HTTP Triggers
		Exercise 22: Creating an HTTP Trigger for a Kubeless Function
	Kubeless PubSub Triggers
		Exercise 23: Creating a PubSub Trigger for a Kubeless Function
	Monitoring a Kubeless Function
	Debugging a Kubeless Function
	Serverless Plugin for Kubeless
		Activity 7: Publishing Messages to Slack with Kubeless
Chapter 8: Introduction to Apache OpenWhisk
	Introduction to OpenWhisk
	Running OpenWhisk with IBM Cloud Functions
		Exercise 24: Setting Up an IBM Cloud Account
		Exercise 25: Installing the IBM Cloud CLI
	OpenWhisk Actions
		Writing Actions for OpenWhisk
		Creating Actions on the OpenWhisk Framework
		Listing OpenWhisk Actions
		Invoking OpenWhisk Actions
		Updating OpenWhisk Actions
		Deleting OpenWhisk Actions
		Exercise 26: Creating Your First OpenWhisk Action
		OpenWhisk Sequences
		Exercise 27: Creating OpenWhisk Sequences
		OpenWhisk Web Actions
	OpenWhisk Feeds, Triggers, and Rules
		OpenWhisk CronJob Triggers
		Exercise 28: Creating CronJob Triggers
		OpenWhisk Packages
		Exercise 29: Creating OpenWhisk Packages
		Activity 8: Receive Daily Weather Updates via Email
Chapter 9: Going Serverless with OpenFaaS
	Introduction to OpenFaaS
		Getting Started with OpenFaas on Your Local Minikube Cluster
	OpenFaaS Functions
		Creating OpenFaaS Functions
		Building OpenFaaS Functions
		Pushing the OpenFaaS Function Image
		Deploying the OpenFaaS Functions
		Listing the OpenFaaS Functions
		Invoking OpenFaaS Functions
		Deleting OpenFaaS Functions
		Exercise 30: Creating an OpenFaaS Function with Dependencies
		Deploying and Invoking Functions with OpenFaaS Portal
		OpenFaaS Functions with HTML Output
		Exercise 31: Returning HTML Based on Path Parameters
		OpenFaaS Function Observability
		Exercise 32: Installing an OpenFaaS Grafana Dashboard
		OpenFaaS Function Autoscaling
		Activity 9: OpenFaaS Form Processor

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