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The Theory and Practice of Zen Buddhism : A Festschrift in Honor of Steven Heine 2022 book

The Theory and Practice of Zen Buddhism : A Festschrift in Honor of Steven Heine

Details Of The Book

The Theory and Practice of Zen Buddhism : A Festschrift in Honor of Steven Heine

Authors: ,   
ISBN : 9789811682865, 9789811682858 
publisher: Springer Nature Singapore 
publish year: 2022 
pages: 342 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 6 MB 

price : $14.94 18 With 17% OFF

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You can Download The Theory and Practice of Zen Buddhism : A Festschrift in Honor of Steven Heine Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Editors and Contributors
1 “Introduction: A Valedictory and an Inaugural”
Zen Roots
2 Searching for the Historical Bodhidharma in Goblet Words
	1 Introduction
	2 The Bodhidharma/Huìkě Encounter: Structure and Evolution
		2.1 Records of the Monasteries of Luòyáng
		2.2 Biographies of Eminent Monks, Continued
		2.3 Records of the Dharma–Jewel through the Ages
		2.4 Records of the Transmission of the Lamp, Compiled in the Jĭngdé Period
	3 Confucius and Yán Huí in the Zhuāngzǐ
		3.1 Dialogue on Sitting with No–Mind.29
		3.2 Dialogue on Fasting the Mind
		3.3 Dialogue on Losing Oneself
		3.4 Dialogue on Dreaming and Waking
		3.5 Dialogues on Amputees
	4 Goblet Words and Early–Chán Hagiography
3 Chan and the Routinazation of Charisma in Chinese Buddhism
	1 Introduction
	2 Weber’s Theoretical Model
	3 Foundation of a Tradition
	4 Plethora of Approaches and Perspectives
	5 Critique of Narrow Conceptions of Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy
	6 Evolving Institutions and Networks of Patronage
	7 Singular Approach and Narrowing of Vision
	8 Changing Role and Image of the Chan Master
4 Rhetoric in the Platform Sūtra and the Development of “Encounter Dialogue” in Chinese Zen
	1 Introduction1
	2 Encounter Dialogue and Kōan in Chinese Zen
	3 Encounter Dialogue and Verbal Sparring in the Early Platform Sūtra
	4 Other Early Encounter Dialogue
	5 Encounter dialogue in later versions of the Platform Sūtra
	6 Conclusion
5 Silence and Eloquence: How Dōgen’s Dharma Match With Vimalakīrti Might Have Turned Out
	1 I
	2 II
	3 III
	4 IV
6 Dōgen’s Vision of the Environment and His Practice of Devotion and Faith
	1 Introduction
	2 The Sound of Streams as Buddha’s Voice
	3 Other Stories of Awakening Amid Landscapes
	4 The Whole Environ Awakens
	5 The Mountains and Waters Sūtra
	6 The True Mind and Body of Faith
	7 The Hotsuganmon as a Genre
	8 Conclusion
7 Theorizing the Neo-Confucian-Buddhist Encounter: The Chinese Religious Habitus and Doxas
Zen Branches
8 The Zen Explosion in America: From Before the Pre-boomers to After the Zoomers
	1 Introduction
	2 The Zen Explosion
	3 An Interlude: Beat Zen and Square Zen
	4 Sōtō Zen and More Zen
	5 Philip Kapleau and Robert Aitken
	6 A Case in Point: Zen Mountain Monastery
	7 Zooming Ahead
9 D. T. Suzuki and Zazen
10 Zen and Japanese Culture: Nativist Influences on Suzuki Daisetsu’s Interpretation of Zen
	1 Introduction
	2 Suzuki’s Modern Zen Orthodoxy
	3 Motoori Norinaga’s Kokugaku Theology
	4 Suzuki on Japan’s Unique Spiritual Nature (Nihonteki Reisei 日本的霊性)
	5 Zen and Japanese Culture: Concluding Reflections
	Works by Suzuki Daisetsu (Daisetz T. or D.T.) 鈴木大拙
	Other Sources
11 Zen and the Art of Resistance: Some Preliminary Notes
	1 Introduction
	2 D. T. Suzuki and Zen Adaptability/Collaboration
	3 What is (Buddhist) “Engagement”?
	4 From Engagement to Resistance
	5 Buddhist Criticism
	6 Buddhist Power
	7 Boundless Abodes
	8 Buddhist Freedom/Buddhist Agency
	9 New Buddhism: Secular and Social
	10 Conclusions
12 “Can You Hear the Great Sound of the Holy Footsteps?” The 650th Grand Death Anniversary of Gasan Jōseki
	1 Sōjiji and Memorial Services for Gasan
	2 The Motto and Aims of Gasan’s 650th Death Anniversary
	3 Events and Projects During the Memorial Year
	4 A Pilgrimage to Sōjiji: Parishioners Pay Respect to Gasan
	5 The Main Memorial Service for Gasan
		5.1 Liturgical Commemorations
		5.2 Beyond Traditional Liturgical Customs
	6 Conclusion
13 Sōtō Zen Women’s Wisdom in Practice
	1 Dōgen and Women1
	2 Women Living Monastic Zen43
	3 Women Living Domestic Zen63
14 To Tame an Ox or to Catch a Fish: A Zen Reading of the Old Man and the Sea
	1 Introduction
	2 Animal Metaphors for the Awakened Mind
	3 The Ten Oxherding Pictures
	4 Fishing for Enlightenment
	5 The Old Man and the Sea
15 Steven Heine on the Religio-Aesthetic Dimensions of Zen Buddhism
	1 Traditional Zen Narrative (TZN) Versus Historical and Cultural Criticism (HCC)
	2 The Religio-Aesthetic Dimension of Zen Buddhism
16 Authentic Time and the Political: Steven Heine on Dōgen, Heidigger, and Bob Dylan
	1 Essentialized Time and Essentialized Being
	2 From Being to Action
	3 Authentic Time and the Political
17 Correction to: The Theory and Practice of Zen Buddhism
	Correction to: C. S. Prebish and O. Ng (eds.), The Theory and Practice of Zen Buddhism, Chinese Culture 6,
Bibliography of Steven Heine’s Publications
Edited Volumes
Journal Articles
Articles in Edited Volumes
Book Reviews

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